March 2006

Tulane vs. Rice – Game 1

I didn’t work today either. Dad took me uptown for about for this afternoon, with plenty for time to spare before class. This afternoon’s lecture was a continuation of that from Wednesday… I think. After class I walked to the Boot, where Dad was waiting for me. There was a rather large crowd there today. There was a crawfish boil there, likely because of homecoming festivities. Dad and I got something to eat and then drove out to Zypher Field. Tulane played Rice this evening. This series is the rematch of the Super-regional last year. We won. Not today though. Rice’s best pitcher, Eddie Degerman, pitched a fine seven or eight innings, allowing only three hits. Although Tulane had a few chances, they only scored one run. Tulane’s pitching wasn’t bad either, Sean Morgan, allowing only five hits. Rice scored three runs though, for a final of 3-1.

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I was at the office from 12:15 to about five today. I don’t remember what, if any work I had to do. I got to class this evening with a few minutes to spare. I don’t remember what happened, it’s not important anyway. I got out of class a bit too late and missed the 7:50 shuttle barely. Dad picked me up in front of the Reily Center rather than waiting for the 8:20.

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I didn’t work today. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I worked on a Wednesday. Dad took me uptown about two. He was also there to pick up Andrew from school. Molander’s Camera, the only place in town that develops medium format film reopened near Lusher so I stopped by to drop off the roll that’s been sitting in my Mamiyaflex for many months. I decided to just walk from there to Tulane, I needed the exercise anyway and the weather was especially pleasant today. When I got there a while later I went to the library for a little while before making my way to my 4:30 class. I think this afternoon’s psychology class was about some respect of thinking. I can’t quite remember what exactly we talked about in Consumer Behavior this evening. I don’t remember taking any notes. I do remember that the instructor said the class wouldn’t last 20 minutes but that hardly happened. I think we were dismissed around 7:15. That was enough time to walk down and catch the 7:20 shuttle. It was there but the driver said the schedule was changed and the break was moved so there’s be no 7:20 shuttle but there would be a 7:50 shuttle, which should work out in my favor. I waited for a little while in the School of Business building. Cat was on the shuttle this evening so I finally got her take on the BSG finale. She was more enthusiastic than me. I have a wait-and-see attitude myself. I walked down to the Sheraton and Dad picked me up there.

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Tulane vs. Jackson State – 800th Post

I worked from one to five this afternoon. There wasn’t much dictation but I was busy. Dad wanted to me to make a spreadsheet detailing the patients we had before the hurricane. I got about half way done. Dad and I left shortly after five. We stopped for a Po-Boy at some place on Airline. After getting some thing for dinner, we made our way to Zypher Field to see Tulane play Jackson State University at 6:30. The crowd was rather light this evening. The weather was nice though. It was still cool, but considerably milder than past evenings at the ball park. The game was especially one sided. Jackson State’s pitching was downright embarrassing. Their pitchers, and there were a lot of them, walked some 18 and hit four players. Their offense wasn’t that great either. The final score was 14-4. After I got home I watched the episode of Boston Legal I missed and watched TV a while longer before getting to bed at a decent hour.

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Round Up

I ignored the log again. Consequently, this one post will catch me to today, Monday. Wednesday. I didn’t work. I think we discussed some aspect of learning in Psychology today. I don’t remember what we talked about in Consumer Behavior. I do remember there were only six other students in attendance. We got our mid terms back. I got an 80%. Again, not bad for someone who didn’t study. However, I do wish I would have got a hold of a text book a lot sooner. Thursday. Worked from about 12 to 5. I don’t remember it though. Maybe I worked on Doc’s reports. We turned in our take home mid terms in Media and the Law class this evening. I don’t remember what, if anything was discussed. I didn’t work on Friday. Dad took me to Tulane at about 2:30. I went to the library for an hour and worked the rest of doc’s dictation. At 3:30 I walked down to Loyola’s campus. Mom emailed me earlier today telling me Freddy Omar would be playing there. They were having some sort of ‘international day.’ Many countries were represented with tables and their local foods. Incidentally, I saw Freddy Omar at a similar, smaller event at Tulane last month. I was able to hand around until about 4:20. There was a test in Psychology class today. I didn’t recall there being one today and subsequently didn’t study. I think I did alright though. Since there was just a test, I was out of class by about 4:50. I called Mom, who just left work. She came back to pick me up. No Battlestar Galactica tonight. The weekend was particularly uneventful. I did talk to Ami on Monday night. She set a new date for herself to move. That brings me to today. I worked noon until about 6:30. We were at the office waiting for a late patient that never showed up because he couldn’t get a cab. I skipped speech class this evening, largely because I couldn’t quite get my presentation in order, although I worked on it for a few hours last night. This evening we had black-eyed peas for dinner. We watched 24 this evening, which was great as always.

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Tulane vs. UNO

I went to work with dad for 11 this morning. We stopped at the west bank first because Dad had something to do, I no longer recall what. While there, I continued work on making up current patient bills. I also helped create a phone list for that office’s patients. At about one, Doc offered to buy us lunch, more or less. He ordered some spaghetti plates from Mandina’s and Dad and drove over to pick them up. We had to leave to go to the Metairie office when we finished eating, which was at about 1:30. I had reports to do that were waiting over the weekend. I got started on those after arriving in Metairie and taking care of some house keeping things. We left the office around six o’clock. This evening, Dad and I went from the office to Zypher Field to see Tulane play UNO this evening. We arrived in time for the first pitch this evening. Tulane opened well, scoring two runs in the bottom of the first and taking the lead. They held that lead until the fifth inning when UNO scored three runs, which was partly the result of some errors by Tulane. That and some missed opportunities kept Tulane from scoring several more runs. The score remained 3-2 through the eighth inning. It was rather cold and windy outside, although perfectly bearable to me. Dad didn’t think so, however, and we left as the 8th inning was starting. In the bottom of the ninth, Tulane scored two runs to win the ballgame. We heard it on the radio.

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Short Class

I can no longer recall much about the day before class. I do know, however, that I got to work at 11, as my time sheet says so. I stopped at the Boot store for a snack before heading to class this evening. I think I got there a good while before class started, although several people were already there. Today started the persuasive speeches. Only four people were ready to go tonight so the class was quite short. It won’t be so great tomorrow. I caught the 6:50 shuttle downtown. Dad and I got some of the red beans he made earlier for dinner. We were home in time to watch 24 when it came on. Beyond that, I probably just watched something else on TV and used the computer for a while before bed.

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Loyola Chamber Orchestra

I skipped church this morning because my stomach wasn’t feeling quite right and I got up late anyway. Shortly after two this afternoon, I left with Mom and Dad to go uptown to see the Loyola Chamber Orchestra play, part of their Montage Performance Series. It took a little while to get there because traffic over the bridge was rather slow. A movie, Dj Vu, was being filmed on the bridge and one of the lanes was closed. When we finally got through it was obvious that rubber necking was the main reason traffic was so congested. The concert opened with Beethoven’s complete first symphony. It was followed by Adagio for Strings. There was an intermission before the final composition of the afternoon, a work by Antonio Vivaldi that I was not familiar with. The performance was fantastic. Their orchestra is as good as any other symphony I’ve heard, which admittedly is just the Louisiana Philharmonic and the one I saw several times as a kid when we lived in Colorado. Juan Marshall, a friend of friends and a former classmate was part of the orchestra. I remember going home after the concert but I can’t recall what happened the rest of the day. I’m sure it wasn’t anything of circumstance.

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Tulane vs. South Alabama – Game 2

At about 1:45, Dad, Andrew and I went out to Zypher Field to see Tulane play the University of South Alabama in the second game of the series. Alabama looked a lot better today, and Tulane didn’t look quite as impressive. Perhaps they went out partying after the game last night. Their pitcher, P.J. Walters pitched a complete game, and a pretty decent one. Their offence got the job done too. Two runs in the first inning, two in the second and three in the third gave them a big lead. Tulane finally got on the board with two runs in the bottom of the third. Tulane was unable to mount much of a comeback though. Alabama scored again in the seventh. Tulane got two more runs in the bottom of the ninth to make the final score a somewhat respectable 8-4. After the game, we stopped at a seafood place on Airline to pick up some boiled crawfish for dinner. They were pretty decent, although I don’t especially enjoy peeling them. It seems like an awful lot of work for not that much food.

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Tulane vs. South Alabama – Game 1

I went to work with Dad a little earlier than usual this morning. We arrived at the West bank office at 10:45. While we were there, Dad had me generate a spreadsheet with the names and recent treatment dates of all current patients. We left there shortly after that was done to go to the Metairie office. I updated that same list for the Metairie office when I got there, although that was the only work for me to do. We left the office at about five and went to Zypher Field to see Tulane play South Alabama at 6:30 this evening. We just got dinner at the game instead of trying to get into one of the few and crowded places on Airline Drive. Tulane looked a lot better today than they did on Tuesday when they lost to Nicholls State, a comparatively weak team. Alabama opened well with two runs in top of the first. Tulane Answered with two of their own in the bottom of the second. Going into the fourth, the score was 3-2 Alabama. Rookie third baseman Seth Henry hit a three-run double in the bottom of the forth to give Tulane the 5-3 lead. Tulane scored one more in the fifth, the final score of the game for a final of 6-3. Pitcher Sean Morgan put on an excellent performance tonight, allowing only four hits in eight innings, three of which were in the first inning. He also had 11 strike-outs. All in all it was just a much more enjoyable game than the one on Tuesday, seeing Tulane win against a respectable opponent. After the game Dad and I went to Bruno’s uptown. The Boot was far too crowded with kids whooping it up for St. Patrick’s Day. Bruno’s had a rather healthy crowd as well but there was room to breathe. We were there for maybe an hour and had a couple drinks. I saw Shani while we were there. I hadn’t spoken to her since Mardi Gras last year when Ami was in town. Shani was surprisingly personable. We spoke for a few minutes, mostly about what we’ve been doing for the last six months. I think we left shortly after 10:30 to head home. I checked some things online and watched some TV before bed.

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Another Long Work Day

I went to work with Dad today to arrive at the Metairie office at about noon. Since there was no work for Dad, I took care of the dictation for doc’s patients. They were just initial evaluations so it didn’t take long. Later in the afternoon I generated some bills for current patients. Since I didn’t have class this evening because the instructor is out of town, I went to the west bank with Dad for some late patients this evening. While I was there, I worked on the same thing I was doing in Metairie, making up to-date bills for current patients. We tried to stop and pick up something for dinner on the way home because Mom wasn’t feeling well. The drive thru line was far too long at Taco Bell and Popeye’s was closed so we just came home. A short while after I got home I made myself some soup and watched a Star Trek episode. That was pretty much my evening.

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Consumer Behavior Mid Term

I didn’t go to work today, not an unusual circumstance for a Wednesday. Dad dropped me at Tulane around 2:30 on his way to get Andrew. I sat outside in the quad for about an hour reading my Consumer Behavior textbook for the first time. When I finished skimming the first 10 chapters and reading the summaries, I went to the library for a little while. In this afternoon’s intro to psychology class, the topic was learning, including classical conditioning and operant conditioning. There was a quiz at the end of class covering today’s material. I think I did fine. We took the mid term exam in Consumer Behavior this evening. There were 60 multiple choice questions, 50 of which we were to answer. I think I had a pretty firm understanding of the material, even though I didn’t study much. I finished first and was out the door well before seven. I caught the 6:50 shuttle downtown. Dad picked me up at Tidewater. I don’t remember anything of circumstance taking place that evening.

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Tulane vs. Nicholls State

I went to work with Dad for 11:30 this morning. We stopped at McDonalds on the way for lunch, a practice that’s becoming disturbingly routine. Of the time I spent working today, most of it was spent typing reports from dictation that sat over the weekend. There wasn’t nearly as much as I anticipated, however. I made up some bills for existing patients with some of the spare time I had. We left the office at 5:30. We were going to the Tulane baseball game this evening versus Nicholls State. We stopped at this Seafood place on Airline near the stadium for a po-boy but their kitchen was closed. We stopped at another seafood place nearby but it just closed. We ended up in the drive-thru at Sonic. As the line as rather slow we were a bit late to the game. Nicholls opened well with a run in the first. I’m gonna skip to the end of the game. Tulane looked rather pathetic tonight against what’s practically a high school team. We lost 7-4. It was embarassing. Other, lesser teams have killed them in weeks past. Later that evening I watched Boston Legal. I don’t remember doing anything else.

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The Rest of the Demonstrative Speeches

I didn’t go to the office today, but I did work on some bills at home this afternoon. Dad and I left the house sometime around three this afternoon. Dad was going to drop me off in front of Tidewater so I could catch the shuttle uptown for class this evening. I was going to find a restaurant for lunch after Dad made a stop at a law firm for what I was expecting to be a short meeting. However it was anything but short. Dad left me in the car to answer his cell phone if it rang while he was in the meeting. Unfortunately for my appetite, he was there for about two hours, which didn’t leave me anytime to stop somewhere for a late lunch. Dad finished around five, which was only enough time for me to make the 5:10 which would put me uptown just in time for my six o’clock class. The class heard the remaining demonstrative speeches this evening. Unlike last week, most of tonight’s addresses stayed within the five minute time limit. The making of a couple beverages were demonstrated, someone tied a bowtie, someone else explained juggling. Class was dismissed just in time for me to catch the 7:20 shuttle. It was more than slightly late though so my brisk walking was for nothing. With Dad just getting home not long after I was getting downtown, timing was a bit awkward so I had plenty of time to walk to the Sheraton and get a drink. Using the bathroom was a little more difficult as I had to find a different one. When I got home sometime around nine, I got some of the white beans everyone had for dinner and watched 24 with the family, as they had all waited not a bad episode, although not necessarily fun to watch.

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