The Rest of the Demonstrative Speeches

I didn’t go to the office today, but I did work on some bills at home this afternoon. Dad and I left the house sometime around three this afternoon. Dad was going to drop me off in front of Tidewater so I could catch the shuttle uptown for class this evening. I was going to find a restaurant for lunch after Dad made a stop at a law firm for what I was expecting to be a short meeting. However it was anything but short. Dad left me in the car to answer his cell phone if it rang while he was in the meeting. Unfortunately for my appetite, he was there for about two hours, which didn’t leave me anytime to stop somewhere for a late lunch. Dad finished around five, which was only enough time for me to make the 5:10 which would put me uptown just in time for my six o’clock class. The class heard the remaining demonstrative speeches this evening. Unlike last week, most of tonight’s addresses stayed within the five minute time limit. The making of a couple beverages were demonstrated, someone tied a bowtie, someone else explained juggling. Class was dismissed just in time for me to catch the 7:20 shuttle. It was more than slightly late though so my brisk walking was for nothing. With Dad just getting home not long after I was getting downtown, timing was a bit awkward so I had plenty of time to walk to the Sheraton and get a drink. Using the bathroom was a little more difficult as I had to find a different one. When I got home sometime around nine, I got some of the white beans everyone had for dinner and watched 24 with the family, as they had all waited not a bad episode, although not necessarily fun to watch.

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