Mr. B:

I am a resident of New Orleans, Louisiana and graduate of Tulane University. In addition to my computer related hobbies, I also enjoy photography and watching movies.

My nickname, "Mr. B," was bestowed in high school by a teacher and coach, Frank Wilson. It was his custom to assign everyone a nickname.

Mr. B's Domain:

Mr. B's Domain is my personal website. It exists for my own enjoyment and as a platform to showcase my amateur photography. This website also hosts the best collection of VAIO Wallpapers on the web.

This website was coded with EditPad Pro. Graphic elements were created with Adobe Photoshop. The title font is Montserrat. This version of the site was launched on April 23, 2015.

Contact Me:

I welcome your questions and comments.

E-Mail: nx_2000 [at]