I didn’t work today. Actually, I can’t remember the last time I worked on a Wednesday. Dad took me uptown about two. He was also there to pick up Andrew from school. Molander’s Camera, the only place in town that develops medium format film reopened near Lusher so I stopped by to drop off the roll that’s been sitting in my Mamiyaflex for many months. I decided to just walk from there to Tulane, I needed the exercise anyway and the weather was especially pleasant today. When I got there a while later I went to the library for a little while before making my way to my 4:30 class. I think this afternoon’s psychology class was about some respect of thinking. I can’t quite remember what exactly we talked about in Consumer Behavior this evening. I don’t remember taking any notes. I do remember that the instructor said the class wouldn’t last 20 minutes but that hardly happened. I think we were dismissed around 7:15. That was enough time to walk down and catch the 7:20 shuttle. It was there but the driver said the schedule was changed and the break was moved so there’s be no 7:20 shuttle but there would be a 7:50 shuttle, which should work out in my favor. I waited for a little while in the School of Business building. Cat was on the shuttle this evening so I finally got her take on the BSG finale. She was more enthusiastic than me. I have a wait-and-see attitude myself. I walked down to the Sheraton and Dad picked me up there.

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