Loyola Chamber Orchestra

I skipped church this morning because my stomach wasn’t feeling quite right and I got up late anyway. Shortly after two this afternoon, I left with Mom and Dad to go uptown to see the Loyola Chamber Orchestra play, part of their Montage Performance Series. It took a little while to get there because traffic over the bridge was rather slow. A movie, Dj Vu, was being filmed on the bridge and one of the lanes was closed. When we finally got through it was obvious that rubber necking was the main reason traffic was so congested. The concert opened with Beethoven’s complete first symphony. It was followed by Adagio for Strings. There was an intermission before the final composition of the afternoon, a work by Antonio Vivaldi that I was not familiar with. The performance was fantastic. Their orchestra is as good as any other symphony I’ve heard, which admittedly is just the Louisiana Philharmonic and the one I saw several times as a kid when we lived in Colorado. Juan Marshall, a friend of friends and a former classmate was part of the orchestra. I remember going home after the concert but I can’t recall what happened the rest of the day. I’m sure it wasn’t anything of circumstance.

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