Tulane vs. Rice – Game 1

I didn’t work today either. Dad took me uptown for about for this afternoon, with plenty for time to spare before class. This afternoon’s lecture was a continuation of that from Wednesday… I think. After class I walked to the Boot, where Dad was waiting for me. There was a rather large crowd there today. There was a crawfish boil there, likely because of homecoming festivities. Dad and I got something to eat and then drove out to Zypher Field. Tulane played Rice this evening. This series is the rematch of the Super-regional last year. We won. Not today though. Rice’s best pitcher, Eddie Degerman, pitched a fine seven or eight innings, allowing only three hits. Although Tulane had a few chances, they only scored one run. Tulane’s pitching wasn’t bad either, Sean Morgan, allowing only five hits. Rice scored three runs though, for a final of 3-1.

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