Round Up

I ignored the log again. Consequently, this one post will catch me to today, Monday. Wednesday. I didn’t work. I think we discussed some aspect of learning in Psychology today. I don’t remember what we talked about in Consumer Behavior. I do remember there were only six other students in attendance. We got our mid terms back. I got an 80%. Again, not bad for someone who didn’t study. However, I do wish I would have got a hold of a text book a lot sooner. Thursday. Worked from about 12 to 5. I don’t remember it though. Maybe I worked on Doc’s reports. We turned in our take home mid terms in Media and the Law class this evening. I don’t remember what, if anything was discussed. I didn’t work on Friday. Dad took me to Tulane at about 2:30. I went to the library for an hour and worked the rest of doc’s dictation. At 3:30 I walked down to Loyola’s campus. Mom emailed me earlier today telling me Freddy Omar would be playing there. They were having some sort of ‘international day.’ Many countries were represented with tables and their local foods. Incidentally, I saw Freddy Omar at a similar, smaller event at Tulane last month. I was able to hand around until about 4:20. There was a test in Psychology class today. I didn’t recall there being one today and subsequently didn’t study. I think I did alright though. Since there was just a test, I was out of class by about 4:50. I called Mom, who just left work. She came back to pick me up. No Battlestar Galactica tonight. The weekend was particularly uneventful. I did talk to Ami on Monday night. She set a new date for herself to move. That brings me to today. I worked noon until about 6:30. We were at the office waiting for a late patient that never showed up because he couldn’t get a cab. I skipped speech class this evening, largely because I couldn’t quite get my presentation in order, although I worked on it for a few hours last night. This evening we had black-eyed peas for dinner. We watched 24 this evening, which was great as always.

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