Another Long Work Day

I went to work with Dad today to arrive at the Metairie office at about noon. Since there was no work for Dad, I took care of the dictation for doc’s patients. They were just initial evaluations so it didn’t take long. Later in the afternoon I generated some bills for current patients. Since I didn’t have class this evening because the instructor is out of town, I went to the west bank with Dad for some late patients this evening. While I was there, I worked on the same thing I was doing in Metairie, making up to-date bills for current patients. We tried to stop and pick up something for dinner on the way home because Mom wasn’t feeling well. The drive thru line was far too long at Taco Bell and Popeye’s was closed so we just came home. A short while after I got home I made myself some soup and watched a Star Trek episode. That was pretty much my evening.

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