Mr. B's Domain Version 9

[August 2010 - April 2015] My only goal with this iteration was to make something a bit more visually interesting. Black and white with a splash of purple largely accomplished that. This layout also highlighted my photography to an increasing degree, a trend that's continued with the current version of Mr. B's Domain.

Mr. B's Domain Version 8.5

[January 2009 - July 2010] I was dissatisfied with the look of Version 8 almost as soon as I launched it, mostly because of my dissapointment with the color scheme. Ultimately I chickened out and went with a dark layout that looked respectable.

Mr. B's Domain Version 8

[August - December 2008] Without a major redesign of my website in four years, I made it my singular goal in the summer of 2008 to come up with something new. I wanted a simple, light colored CSS-based layout for 1024x768 resolution, all code to conform to XHTML 1.0 Strict and my pages converted to Unicode. I did all those things without much trouble but was never satisfied with the appearance.

Mr. B's Domain Version 7.5

[November 2005 - August 2008] During my time at Louisiana Tech, I read an article on A List Apart called Good Designers Redesign, Great Designers Realign. What I took from it was that there is no particular necessity to chuck everything when you're refreshing a website. With that in mind, I made a number of substantial improvements to the appearance and backend of the website.

Mr. B's Domain Version 7

[2004] Unlike previous websites I've done, this one had some semblance of purpose. Although I was fond of my previous work, I needed more room for content which necessitated a more standard layout. I was short on good ideas though so this turned out to be usable but rather blasé.

Mr. B's Domain v6 -

[2003] Before moving on to another concept, I decided to take another crack at LCARS. I saw a blue LCARS screen in the latest Star Trek movie and decided to try that color scheme. is easily the most well-planned site I have ever created. I always scribble some things on paper but this was the first time I made detailed drawings.

Priority Mobile Health

[2002] I was only a contributor to this website. Thanks to the School to Career program, I got my first job as an intern working at Priority EMS. It was used by the company until they were bought out by Acadian Ambulance Service. I worked as the primary coder while two other interns did the graphic work and PHP coding for the intranet section. Even so, I learned a few PHP tricks, did something I love, and got paid for it.

[TAG] The Assembly of Gamers

[2002 - 2003] Shortly after leaving [TDM], a classmate I founded an Unreal Tournament 2003 clan, [TAG]. I wanted a standard three column layout, as my last clan site was cramped. With some of the tricks I learned as an intern at Priority, I used PHP for the first time on a website. The site received high praise and I am still impressed at the sites appearance.

[TDM] The Dark Masters

[2002 - 2003] Shortly after joining [TDM], a gaming clan for Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force, I took duties as webmaster. There was a pre-existing site which I eventually got rid of in favor of redesigning it myself. This site was easily the best learning experience of all the sites I've created.

Mr. B's Domain Version 5

[2002] Finally, some color! After a couple grey and dull websites, I created a colorful interface, although most people thought the colors were crap. This layout is based on LCARS, the computer interface seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation and series following. I had always wanted to do an LCARS interface; this one follows the DS9 canon. With this version, my hand-coding got alot cleaner.

Mr. B's Domain Version 4

[October 2001 - January 2002] My first web template, dull and grey as it may be. I decided I better start making my own layouts and this is well, a start. Again, simple code but not so crude. The interface was created with MS Paint and Irfanview, with a header from Flaming Text. Unfortunately, little content was added with this new version. Over the course of its run, it was moved between a few free hosts. Eventually I moved the site to professional hosting when I took over the [TDM] website.

Mr. B's Domain Version 3

[2001] This is the first incarnation of Mr. B's Domain. It used a template from Free Web Templates. Over the next year or so, I added a framed version, and alot of the content that still appears today. I was rather impressed with my work at the time even though the appearance is rather monochromatic.

My First Webpages

[2000] This is the first set of HTML pages I ever created. It was done for a networking class in high school. With these pages I learned the simple things like headers, frames and tables. The code is simple and crude, but it's why Mr. B's Domain exists today in all its glory.