Tulane vs. UNO

I went to work with dad for 11 this morning. We stopped at the west bank first because Dad had something to do, I no longer recall what. While there, I continued work on making up current patient bills. I also helped create a phone list for that office’s patients. At about one, Doc offered to buy us lunch, more or less. He ordered some spaghetti plates from Mandina’s and Dad and drove over to pick them up. We had to leave to go to the Metairie office when we finished eating, which was at about 1:30. I had reports to do that were waiting over the weekend. I got started on those after arriving in Metairie and taking care of some house keeping things. We left the office around six o’clock. This evening, Dad and I went from the office to Zypher Field to see Tulane play UNO this evening. We arrived in time for the first pitch this evening. Tulane opened well, scoring two runs in the bottom of the first and taking the lead. They held that lead until the fifth inning when UNO scored three runs, which was partly the result of some errors by Tulane. That and some missed opportunities kept Tulane from scoring several more runs. The score remained 3-2 through the eighth inning. It was rather cold and windy outside, although perfectly bearable to me. Dad didn’t think so, however, and we left as the 8th inning was starting. In the bottom of the ninth, Tulane scored two runs to win the ballgame. We heard it on the radio.

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