Consumer Behavior Mid Term

I didn’t go to work today, not an unusual circumstance for a Wednesday. Dad dropped me at Tulane around 2:30 on his way to get Andrew. I sat outside in the quad for about an hour reading my Consumer Behavior textbook for the first time. When I finished skimming the first 10 chapters and reading the summaries, I went to the library for a little while. In this afternoon’s intro to psychology class, the topic was learning, including classical conditioning and operant conditioning. There was a quiz at the end of class covering today’s material. I think I did fine. We took the mid term exam in Consumer Behavior this evening. There were 60 multiple choice questions, 50 of which we were to answer. I think I had a pretty firm understanding of the material, even though I didn’t study much. I finished first and was out the door well before seven. I caught the 6:50 shuttle downtown. Dad picked me up at Tidewater. I don’t remember anything of circumstance taking place that evening.

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