Tulane vs. Jackson State – 800th Post

I worked from one to five this afternoon. There wasn’t much dictation but I was busy. Dad wanted to me to make a spreadsheet detailing the patients we had before the hurricane. I got about half way done. Dad and I left shortly after five. We stopped for a Po-Boy at some place on Airline. After getting some thing for dinner, we made our way to Zypher Field to see Tulane play Jackson State University at 6:30. The crowd was rather light this evening. The weather was nice though. It was still cool, but considerably milder than past evenings at the ball park. The game was especially one sided. Jackson State’s pitching was downright embarrassing. Their pitchers, and there were a lot of them, walked some 18 and hit four players. Their offense wasn’t that great either. The final score was 14-4. After I got home I watched the episode of Boston Legal I missed and watched TV a while longer before getting to bed at a decent hour.

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