Tulane vs. Nicholls State

I went to work with Dad for 11:30 this morning. We stopped at McDonalds on the way for lunch, a practice that’s becoming disturbingly routine. Of the time I spent working today, most of it was spent typing reports from dictation that sat over the weekend. There wasn’t nearly as much as I anticipated, however. I made up some bills for existing patients with some of the spare time I had. We left the office at 5:30. We were going to the Tulane baseball game this evening versus Nicholls State. We stopped at this Seafood place on Airline near the stadium for a po-boy but their kitchen was closed. We stopped at another seafood place nearby but it just closed. We ended up in the drive-thru at Sonic. As the line as rather slow we were a bit late to the game. Nicholls opened well with a run in the first. I’m gonna skip to the end of the game. Tulane looked rather pathetic tonight against what’s practically a high school team. We lost 7-4. It was embarassing. Other, lesser teams have killed them in weeks past. Later that evening I watched Boston Legal. I don’t remember doing anything else.

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