February 2005

Weekend Movies Recap

I went to work this morning for 11. There were enough reports to keep be busy for the better part of the workday. Dad took me uptown for tonight’s class just after five. Dr. Houston started with a short lecture before getting into the movie reviews we wrote this week. Her critiques weren’t quite as harsh as they have been. The review I turned in wasn’t quite done so the class remarked on things missing from it. I think I was able to fill in those holes and turn in a decent review after revision. Students were dismissed as soon as they e-mailed their revised copies. I left a little after eight. I planned on seeing Melanie after class but I called and she was out of the house busy with something so I decided to just go home. I tried calling once more when the bus was approaching and she said they were almost done. I got off the bus a few streets down and Melanie and her mom picked me up and took us back to her house. Melanie wanted to show me some Monty Python, none of which I had really seen before. We watched Monty Python’s Flying Circus Live at Hollywood Bowl. It was different. I brought Man on the Moon and we watched that after. I got a cab home and arrived around four.

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Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow

Today was another day mostly absent of any activity. I went to church in the afternoon and the store in the evening to get some things. Later in the evening I watched Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. Immediately after that I worked a review for the movie for Monday’s review writing assignment. I wanted to do it on a couple other films but each had some unique difficulties. I talked to Khadijah on the phone for a couple hours while I was working on the review. I went to sleep after three.

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Saturday at Home

Today was largely devoid of circumstance. I took my time getting up as the family was out of the house for one reason or another. Grandma stopped by to visit in the afternoon. We had boiled crawfish for dinner. Later in the evening I watched Man on the Moon.

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Tired Friday

I got up a little earlier than usual this morning to go to work for 10:15. Not long after I arrived I fully realized that the three hours of sleep I got the night before were insufficient. After doing a few reports I ate lunch. I continued to work afterward, although it was slow going. We left the office before three to go pick up Andrew from school and go home. Being as tired as I was, I didn’t do much of anything for the remainder of the evening. I rested a bit, watched some TV and went to bed at a decent hour.

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Witness for the Prosecution

Dad dropped me off at the mall a little before 11 this morning. I called Ann about lunch but she had just eaten so I got myself some pizza and breadsticks, all of which I was unable to finish. I went into class early, no big deal as I had my computer for company. This afternoon’s marketing class was rather short, especially considering that class was cancelled Tuesday. I called for dad to take me to work after class was dismissed. He called me back a few minutes later and asked me to take the bus as something came up. I stuck around a little while after class to update a review I had written and posted on the website. I caught a bus right after using an ATM. I got to work at 1:15. Dad went to the east not long after I got there. I only had four reports to type but there was a good deal of filing work to keep me occupied until the evening. I finally filed a stack of settled cases I let pile up, I had to add a box. I left the office at 5:15. I got a cab to Melanie’s house as I arranged to visit this evening. I had a look at her printer when I got there as I said I’d try to fix it. I fooled with it for a while but I was unable to get it working. After giving up on that, we watched Witness for the Prosecution, a remarkably entertaining court drama, especially considering it’s age. Shortly after the movie, Melanie’s mom brought up that none of us had eaten dinner, even though it was now after nine. Ann offered to take us out to eat somewhere close and quick as it was already late. Ann, Melanie, her sister Lauren and myself went to the Camellia Grill, a rather popular, nearby diner. I had an omlette with French fries and a bowl of chili I never touched. This was the first time I’d been there in about eight years. The last time I was there was while visiting New Orleans on vacation before the family moved here. We all went right back to Melanie’s place after dinner. I took something for a headache when we got back. Melanie thought it would be fitting to watch another courtroom drama so we watched A Few Good Men. After that we put on Field of Dreams. I got a cab home and went to bed as soon I as arrived around five o’clock.

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The weather was rather gloomy today. It was dark and it rained most of the day. Dad had something to do this morning so we were especially late in leaving the house this morning. I had time to do a few reports and watch last weeks Battlestar Galactica episode. We got to the office at one after dad stopped so I could get some lunch without walking through the rain. After eating I got started some the dictation that had been piling up. I got through the better part of it I think. I got a cab to go to school just after five. We watched Baadasssss! in film class this evening. I was planning to meet dad at the Tulane basketball game afterwards but he decided not to go. He did meet me after class though to take me home. Later in the evening I watched Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and talked to Melanie online for a while before bed.

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Work and Anchorman

I had time to watch the Enterprise episode I missed last Friday before leaving for work this morning. This afternoon’s marketing class was cancelled so I just went with Dad this morning. With a recent surge of new patients, the office is a little behind on reports so I had no trouble keeping occupied today. I also had half of my review essay to finish so I worked on that a while after doc arrived. Dad and I left the office around five so he could bring me downtown for this evening’s class. IT was a relief to hand in my essay. Even though it’s crap, I was able to stop thinking about it. Most of this evening’s lecture dealt with folk music. We watched some video clips pertaining to that subject. Dad picked me up after class. I think he was working late. I didn’t really eat any dinner when I got home as I wasn’t really hungry. Later in the evening I watched Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, a ridiculous and over-the-top, although incredibly hilarious movie. It wasn’t a ‘good’ movie per se but it embarrassingly entertaining. A little while after that I watched last Sunday’s Carnivale, which was probably the weirdest one yet.

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Musicians from Marlboro

I didn’t go to work today because I had a report to work on so I had Dad drop me off at the library on main campus. I was at the library for several hours this afternoon before this evening’s class. Through the course of the day I only got about half of it done. I pretty much gave up on it around five. Later in the evening I found my way to Dixon Hall for a chamber music concert this evening. With time to space I got there around seven and sat in for a few minutes on a lecture that was being given about the music to be performed in the following concert. I took a seat in the second row as soon as the doors opened at 7:30. Melanie joined me shortly thereafter. This evening’s concert featured the Musicians from Marlboro, performing a couple of Mozart pieces and a composition by Paul Hindemith. The Hindemih quintet featured a talented female soprano vocalist named Hyunah Yu. We stayed through the first two compositions until the intermission. Melanie expressed a desire to watch Amadeus and we left and did just that. I got a cab home later in the evening. I got something to eat before going to bed after two.

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Flowers in the Dustbin

Today was light on the quantity of my activities. After church, I spent most of the day reading Flowers in the Dustbin, the other book my paper will be on. I patched together an introduction to the paper before going to bed around midnight.

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Coming of Age in Buffalo

I left the house with Mom and Jeff this morning. Jeff had some sort of interview at Tulane with the Air Force or something. After parking behind the Reily Center and letting Jeff off, Mom and I walked around a bit and eventually took a seat behind Bruff. I needed a couple of books for a paper so we sat and waited for the bookstore to open at 11. I bought the two books I needed when it did. Jeff called shortly thereafter to tell us his interview was finished. We walked up McCalister to the car where Jeff was. We decided to get something to eat. Mom recommended a little deli on Maple St. so we went there. We both got some sandwiches. We then drove downtown to drop Jeff off at the train station to catch a bus back to school. Following that, Mom dropped me to Woodson school, where Andrew played a couple of basketball games this morning. Andrew, Dad and I were going to see Tulane play AZ State again this afternoon at Zephyr field. I drive a portion of the was up Airline highway to a little seafood place so Dad and Andrew could get something to eat. We then went the rest of the way to the game. Tulane won this game as well with a final score of 7-2. We went home after the game. Mom made some pork chop casserole for dinner. I spent the better part of the evening reading Coming of Age in Buffalo, one of the books my paper was on.

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Tulane vs. Arizona State

We were in no particular hurry to get to work this morning and we didn’t stay terribly long once we got there. We left the office just before two to pick up Andrew from school. I went in to get him. I wasn’t sure where he was. A secretary in the office called him on the intercom and he came and we went. We went home for a little while. Dad and I left the house not terribly long afterward to go to Tulane’s baseball game this evening. I hadn’t been entirely sure what I was doing this evening because I was unsure if I’d be seeing Melanie this evening. I was unable to reach her before we got to the stadium. We arrived about an hour before game time at 6:30. Melanie called not to long after we took our seats to tell me her parents weren’t going to the game this evening. They have season tickets in the grandstands. I agreed to meet her at the gate and we did when she arrived a while later. Tulane pretty much dominated the game against Arizona State this evening. Tulane set the tome with a home run on the first hit of the first inning. The weather grew a bit colder as the game progressed. Tulane won with a final score of 8-2. Melanie and I left a bit early to meet Dad, who was waiting in the car on Calhoun. He was still not exactly sure when he’d retrieve Jeff, who was coming into town this evening. He took Melanie and me to her house for a little while. She worked on a resume while I was there. Dad picked me up sometime after 10.

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Dad's Birthday

On the way to work this morning, Dad and I stopped at Wal-Mart so he could get some things for the office. While there I went to the photo lab to pick up some picture but they couldn’t find the ones I dropped off two weeks ago. Dad then took me to the mall for this afternoon’s class. I got there with 90 minutes before class started. I had lunch with Ann around 11:15. We both had grilled ham and swiss sandwiches. I hadn’t seen her since before Mardi Gras so we had that to talk about. After eating I walked with Ann upstairs to look at some watches at Zales. I had to leave for class while she was there. This afternoon’s marketing class was short, barely 25 minutes. Ms. Snell briefly discussed market segmentation. Dad picked me up after class to take me to work. There was more dictation then I was able to finish but I put a pretty good dent in the workload. We left around five after the doctor finished with some late patients. We went home and went back out again with Andrew and Mom in tow a short while later. Today was Dad’s birthday so we went out to eat at Superior Grill. Along with the family, Stephanie and Bianca from work were there, along with Bianca’s husband. Melanie also came; we picked her up on the way there. By 7:30, all who came had arrived. Stephanie brought a birthday cake with a Coca-Cola can pictured on it. They didn’t have Diet Coke. We were there for a couple hours until we all went home. We took Melanie home before going home ourselves. I started watching a move in the evening but I was too tired to get very far.

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Broken A/C and A Running German Girl

I had been told we’d be going to work early today but we didn’t end up there all that early. The office was closed today but I had to be there for the A/C repairman. IT was more than somewhat warm in the office. I had a wee bit of work but hardly enough to justify my presence. I got lunch around 11. The A/C guys didn’t arrive until after two. It didn’t take them long to figure out there was a bigger problem that they’d be unable to solve today. With them finished I was free to leave for the day. Dad got me a cab so I could go uptown for class later this evening. I went to Melanie’s house for a little while before we both had to go to our classes this evening. We ended up watching some of Ferris Bueller's Day Off after it came up in random conversation. Melanie’s mom, Ann, gave us a ride to the campus. During this evening’s film class, we watched Run Lola Run. It was a short and ‘interesting’ movie. It was short so we had time to discuss it in class afterward. Dad picked me up after class to go home. We picked up some milk on the way. I was online for a while after class and talked to Khadijah four a couple hours on the phone before going to bed.

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Pizza and 1984

Dad dropped me off with a few minutes to spare before this afternoon’s marketing class. There was a test today that I didn’t really study for but I think I did ok. I took a bus down Magazine St. to meet Melanie for lunch after one. We ate at a little pizza place called Theo’s. We split a pizza, which was quite tasty. She had another hour to kill after lunch so we walked down Magazine a bit, stopped in one of the many antique shops for a minute, and eventually occupied a park bench for a little while before she had to leave. I took the same bus back downtown to the Sheraton, where I remained for a couple hours with my laptop, some orange juice and a bowl of snack mix. I left the Pelican Bar after five and walked to the New Orleans Centre for this evening’s Rock and Roll History class. This evening session covered Alan Freed’s demise and the events leading up to the British invasion. After the break, we watched A Hard Day’s Night. After class, I walked to the medical school and took the shuttle uptown to Turchin Stadium to meet Dad who was at the Tulane baseball game this evening. Tulane defeated McNeese State 3-0, in what I understand was a good game. I arrived just in time to see the game end and the player’s walk off the field. After Dad spoke with some people he knew after the game, we walked to the car and went home. Later in the evening I added some reviews from class to the website and watched 1984.

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