Tulane vs. Arizona State

We were in no particular hurry to get to work this morning and we didn’t stay terribly long once we got there. We left the office just before two to pick up Andrew from school. I went in to get him. I wasn’t sure where he was. A secretary in the office called him on the intercom and he came and we went. We went home for a little while. Dad and I left the house not terribly long afterward to go to Tulane’s baseball game this evening. I hadn’t been entirely sure what I was doing this evening because I was unsure if I’d be seeing Melanie this evening. I was unable to reach her before we got to the stadium. We arrived about an hour before game time at 6:30. Melanie called not to long after we took our seats to tell me her parents weren’t going to the game this evening. They have season tickets in the grandstands. I agreed to meet her at the gate and we did when she arrived a while later. Tulane pretty much dominated the game against Arizona State this evening. Tulane set the tome with a home run on the first hit of the first inning. The weather grew a bit colder as the game progressed. Tulane won with a final score of 8-2. Melanie and I left a bit early to meet Dad, who was waiting in the car on Calhoun. He was still not exactly sure when he’d retrieve Jeff, who was coming into town this evening. He took Melanie and me to her house for a little while. She worked on a resume while I was there. Dad picked me up sometime after 10.

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