Pizza and 1984

Dad dropped me off with a few minutes to spare before this afternoon’s marketing class. There was a test today that I didn’t really study for but I think I did ok. I took a bus down Magazine St. to meet Melanie for lunch after one. We ate at a little pizza place called Theo’s. We split a pizza, which was quite tasty. She had another hour to kill after lunch so we walked down Magazine a bit, stopped in one of the many antique shops for a minute, and eventually occupied a park bench for a little while before she had to leave. I took the same bus back downtown to the Sheraton, where I remained for a couple hours with my laptop, some orange juice and a bowl of snack mix. I left the Pelican Bar after five and walked to the New Orleans Centre for this evening’s Rock and Roll History class. This evening session covered Alan Freed’s demise and the events leading up to the British invasion. After the break, we watched A Hard Day’s Night. After class, I walked to the medical school and took the shuttle uptown to Turchin Stadium to meet Dad who was at the Tulane baseball game this evening. Tulane defeated McNeese State 3-0, in what I understand was a good game. I arrived just in time to see the game end and the player’s walk off the field. After Dad spoke with some people he knew after the game, we walked to the car and went home. Later in the evening I added some reviews from class to the website and watched 1984.

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