Weekend Movies Recap

I went to work this morning for 11. There were enough reports to keep be busy for the better part of the workday. Dad took me uptown for tonight’s class just after five. Dr. Houston started with a short lecture before getting into the movie reviews we wrote this week. Her critiques weren’t quite as harsh as they have been. The review I turned in wasn’t quite done so the class remarked on things missing from it. I think I was able to fill in those holes and turn in a decent review after revision. Students were dismissed as soon as they e-mailed their revised copies. I left a little after eight. I planned on seeing Melanie after class but I called and she was out of the house busy with something so I decided to just go home. I tried calling once more when the bus was approaching and she said they were almost done. I got off the bus a few streets down and Melanie and her mom picked me up and took us back to her house. Melanie wanted to show me some Monty Python, none of which I had really seen before. We watched Monty Python’s Flying Circus Live at Hollywood Bowl. It was different. I brought Man on the Moon and we watched that after. I got a cab home and arrived around four.

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