Witness for the Prosecution

Dad dropped me off at the mall a little before 11 this morning. I called Ann about lunch but she had just eaten so I got myself some pizza and breadsticks, all of which I was unable to finish. I went into class early, no big deal as I had my computer for company. This afternoon’s marketing class was rather short, especially considering that class was cancelled Tuesday. I called for dad to take me to work after class was dismissed. He called me back a few minutes later and asked me to take the bus as something came up. I stuck around a little while after class to update a review I had written and posted on the website. I caught a bus right after using an ATM. I got to work at 1:15. Dad went to the east not long after I got there. I only had four reports to type but there was a good deal of filing work to keep me occupied until the evening. I finally filed a stack of settled cases I let pile up, I had to add a box. I left the office at 5:15. I got a cab to Melanie’s house as I arranged to visit this evening. I had a look at her printer when I got there as I said I’d try to fix it. I fooled with it for a while but I was unable to get it working. After giving up on that, we watched Witness for the Prosecution, a remarkably entertaining court drama, especially considering it’s age. Shortly after the movie, Melanie’s mom brought up that none of us had eaten dinner, even though it was now after nine. Ann offered to take us out to eat somewhere close and quick as it was already late. Ann, Melanie, her sister Lauren and myself went to the Camellia Grill, a rather popular, nearby diner. I had an omlette with French fries and a bowl of chili I never touched. This was the first time I’d been there in about eight years. The last time I was there was while visiting New Orleans on vacation before the family moved here. We all went right back to Melanie’s place after dinner. I took something for a headache when we got back. Melanie thought it would be fitting to watch another courtroom drama so we watched A Few Good Men. After that we put on Field of Dreams. I got a cab home and went to bed as soon I as arrived around five o’clock.

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