Broken A/C and A Running German Girl

I had been told we’d be going to work early today but we didn’t end up there all that early. The office was closed today but I had to be there for the A/C repairman. IT was more than somewhat warm in the office. I had a wee bit of work but hardly enough to justify my presence. I got lunch around 11. The A/C guys didn’t arrive until after two. It didn’t take them long to figure out there was a bigger problem that they’d be unable to solve today. With them finished I was free to leave for the day. Dad got me a cab so I could go uptown for class later this evening. I went to Melanie’s house for a little while before we both had to go to our classes this evening. We ended up watching some of Ferris Bueller's Day Off after it came up in random conversation. Melanie’s mom, Ann, gave us a ride to the campus. During this evening’s film class, we watched Run Lola Run. It was a short and ‘interesting’ movie. It was short so we had time to discuss it in class afterward. Dad picked me up after class to go home. We picked up some milk on the way. I was online for a while after class and talked to Khadijah four a couple hours on the phone before going to bed.

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