Work and Anchorman

I had time to watch the Enterprise episode I missed last Friday before leaving for work this morning. This afternoon’s marketing class was cancelled so I just went with Dad this morning. With a recent surge of new patients, the office is a little behind on reports so I had no trouble keeping occupied today. I also had half of my review essay to finish so I worked on that a while after doc arrived. Dad and I left the office around five so he could bring me downtown for this evening’s class. IT was a relief to hand in my essay. Even though it’s crap, I was able to stop thinking about it. Most of this evening’s lecture dealt with folk music. We watched some video clips pertaining to that subject. Dad picked me up after class. I think he was working late. I didn’t really eat any dinner when I got home as I wasn’t really hungry. Later in the evening I watched Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, a ridiculous and over-the-top, although incredibly hilarious movie. It wasn’t a ‘good’ movie per se but it embarrassingly entertaining. A little while after that I watched last Sunday’s Carnivale, which was probably the weirdest one yet.

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