Musicians from Marlboro

I didn’t go to work today because I had a report to work on so I had Dad drop me off at the library on main campus. I was at the library for several hours this afternoon before this evening’s class. Through the course of the day I only got about half of it done. I pretty much gave up on it around five. Later in the evening I found my way to Dixon Hall for a chamber music concert this evening. With time to space I got there around seven and sat in for a few minutes on a lecture that was being given about the music to be performed in the following concert. I took a seat in the second row as soon as the doors opened at 7:30. Melanie joined me shortly thereafter. This evening’s concert featured the Musicians from Marlboro, performing a couple of Mozart pieces and a composition by Paul Hindemith. The Hindemih quintet featured a talented female soprano vocalist named Hyunah Yu. We stayed through the first two compositions until the intermission. Melanie expressed a desire to watch Amadeus and we left and did just that. I got a cab home later in the evening. I got something to eat before going to bed after two.

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