Dad's Birthday

On the way to work this morning, Dad and I stopped at Wal-Mart so he could get some things for the office. While there I went to the photo lab to pick up some picture but they couldn’t find the ones I dropped off two weeks ago. Dad then took me to the mall for this afternoon’s class. I got there with 90 minutes before class started. I had lunch with Ann around 11:15. We both had grilled ham and swiss sandwiches. I hadn’t seen her since before Mardi Gras so we had that to talk about. After eating I walked with Ann upstairs to look at some watches at Zales. I had to leave for class while she was there. This afternoon’s marketing class was short, barely 25 minutes. Ms. Snell briefly discussed market segmentation. Dad picked me up after class to take me to work. There was more dictation then I was able to finish but I put a pretty good dent in the workload. We left around five after the doctor finished with some late patients. We went home and went back out again with Andrew and Mom in tow a short while later. Today was Dad’s birthday so we went out to eat at Superior Grill. Along with the family, Stephanie and Bianca from work were there, along with Bianca’s husband. Melanie also came; we picked her up on the way there. By 7:30, all who came had arrived. Stephanie brought a birthday cake with a Coca-Cola can pictured on it. They didn’t have Diet Coke. We were there for a couple hours until we all went home. We took Melanie home before going home ourselves. I started watching a move in the evening but I was too tired to get very far.

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