Coming of Age in Buffalo

I left the house with Mom and Jeff this morning. Jeff had some sort of interview at Tulane with the Air Force or something. After parking behind the Reily Center and letting Jeff off, Mom and I walked around a bit and eventually took a seat behind Bruff. I needed a couple of books for a paper so we sat and waited for the bookstore to open at 11. I bought the two books I needed when it did. Jeff called shortly thereafter to tell us his interview was finished. We walked up McCalister to the car where Jeff was. We decided to get something to eat. Mom recommended a little deli on Maple St. so we went there. We both got some sandwiches. We then drove downtown to drop Jeff off at the train station to catch a bus back to school. Following that, Mom dropped me to Woodson school, where Andrew played a couple of basketball games this morning. Andrew, Dad and I were going to see Tulane play AZ State again this afternoon at Zephyr field. I drive a portion of the was up Airline highway to a little seafood place so Dad and Andrew could get something to eat. We then went the rest of the way to the game. Tulane won this game as well with a final score of 7-2. We went home after the game. Mom made some pork chop casserole for dinner. I spent the better part of the evening reading Coming of Age in Buffalo, one of the books my paper was on.

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