November 2004

Return From Break

Classes resumed today. We got our essays back from Mr. Greene, I got an A, mildly surprising since my essay since the political opinions in the essay don't quite match his. We discussed an Op-Ed piece by Bill O'Reily during class. Afterwards I got a ride from a classmate, Sara, to O'Henry's uptown so I could meet Melanie for lunch. I got there pretty early so I had plenty of time to read the Gambit. I ordered some crawfish cakes to hold me over but they were actually pretty filling, especially for an appetizer. Melanie arrived on time and ordered shortly thereafter. I wasn’t too hungry so I decided to get a dessert. Faulty logic on my part brought a piece of cheesecake to the table. After finishing lunch we walked back to her house, not a terribly long trip. I was at her house for a few hours, talking about nothing of crucial circumstance. She showed me a textbook for a class I’ll be taking next semester. I had to leave at 5:15 to be on time for this evening’s class. Tonight’s info. system’s lecture was a good deal more tolerable that previous weeks. The final chapter discussed various aspects of IS threats and security. I tried called Theresa after class but couldn’t reach her. I met Dad in front of the library and went home. I didn’t do much of circumstance in the evening. I talked to Kali on the phone for a short while late in the evening.

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Day at Home, Dead Car Battery, Late Evening Out

After church I lounged around the house for a good while. I didn't hear much from my friend's who didn't want to do anything today. Around four Mom wanted to go to Walgreen's and she was willing to get some gas for my car and hers. We drove to a station close by to fill up the Taurus and a gas can. When we tried to leave Mom's car wouldn't start, the engine would not even turn over. The engine just made a rapid ticking noise when the key was turned. We called Ford but they couldn't tell us anything. A short time passed and Dad made his way home. We called him and he figured the battery was dead and came to meet us with jumper cables. Sure enough that was the problem and he jump-started the car so we could move it out of the way of the gas pump we had been parked in front of for about a half hour. We all got in his car to go to Wal-Mart to buy a battery. Having bought it we went back to the gas station, installed it, and all was well…pretty much. My parents were kinda miffed, seeing as the car was pretty new and had no business having a dead battery. We had dinner after getting home. My parents went out to see a movie in the evening. Khadijah stopped by the house for a while to visit. Around 10:30 she said she was hungry and wanted to go out. She wasn't interested in eating the abundance of leftovers we had. I didn't feel like getting on a bus at that late hour. She called Andrey and coaxed him into giving us a ride. He picked us up and we went to Taco Bell. He couldn’t stay long and didn’t eat anything. After he left Kali and I ordered and sat down to eat. A short while later we decided to go somewhere else, not that we had many choices. We stopped in Blockbuster for a few minutes just to look around. We walked to Bennigan’s and saw that they’re open till 1 Am on Saturdays so we decided to take up a table in there for a while. I got some sort of fruit punch and Khadijah got an Irish Coffee and later a mango daiquiris. After talking for a while and watching people leave and the place close, we finally left a little after one. We then walked into Walgreen’s so we could call a cab home, which we did. It only took a couple minutes for the cab to arrive. I went to bed a while after getting home.

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Friends in Town

Some friends on mine were in town for THankgiving. They called this morning and asked me to join themwhile out shopping. I agreed. Unfortunately they were two hours late, and not very apologetic. When they finally did arrive around noon, we went to a Chinese buffet and had lunch. After eating we left and while in the car Kali and Toni decided they wanted to take a nap so they just dropped Bianca and I right back at home. The majority of my evening was spent at home. My family went to grandma's house for dinner and to see some family in from Georgia. I stayed home since I was assuming my friends would want to go out for the evening. Not much matieralized since they could make up their minds about anything, Bianca said she just wanted to stay home. I was pretty disenchanted with their stick-in-the-mud behavior. Around 8 they decided to just stay at Toni's house and watch some movies. Andrey picked me up to go over there. We watched Entrapment and The Transporter, neither of which I'll be watching ever again. Kali and Andrey dissappeared not long after we started watching The Transporter. Toni took me home around 12:15 and I went right to bed, I was tired and had been having a persistant headache.

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Thanksgiving Day

After getting up late this morning, I did a few things to help clean the house. In the afternoon, we had a late lunch. We had ham, sweet potato casserole among other traditional Thanksgiving dishes. After eating at the house, we drove to Metarie to see my grandma, aunt and uncle, anong with some obscure family members i've never met. As always, they had an onscene amount of food, alot of which I sampled over the course of the evening… and as always we left later than my Dad wanted to. I guess I could have tried to spend more time socializing with the family, but oh well. I did fix up my aunt's laptop while I was there though. I don't remember what I did after getting home… probably played Halo 2.

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Work at East

I went to work with Dad this morning. We went to the mid city office first. I didn't have much to do there. I went to lunch around noon and had a poboy at the deli across the street. Not too long after getting back I cleaned the hydrocollator and later we went to the east office for the rest of the evening. I had several reports to do when we got there. Over the course of the evening I got most of them done, but I worked slower than I usually do. I guess I was just tired. We were late in leaving with some tardy patients.

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I know I went to work this Tuesday. This entry is late and I don't remember anything special about this day.

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Last Day of Classes Before Holiday

We turned in our essays and discussed nothing of remarkable importance. After class dad picked me up to go to work with him. I don't remember what I had to do, probably some reoprts. In info. systems class, the professor continuined with his lecture tonight on chapter 13, the subject of which I don't remember at the moment.

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A Walk in the Quarter

Not long after church, I met Bianca to go across the river to walk around and do some shopping. The bus we rode took quite a while to make it to the ferry landing, but it was no tragedy as we were in no hurry. After getting off the ferry we made our way to a gem and lapidary shop on St. Philip St. that Bianca likes. We both saw some things that interested us but we didn't buy anything. Having browsed around there we retraced our steps and stopped at the River's Edge Cafe for a late lunch. I had a catfish platter, not the best choice. After lunch we went to the Riverwalk. We were there for a couple hours, stopping in various stores to look at various things. Bianca bought me a wooden chess set for Christmas. I was able to check one person off my shopping list. After leaving the Riverwalk we walked down Decatur to TCBY for some ice cream, I had a strawberry cone that was rather big and I didn't finish it. After leaving there we walked around the quarter for a short while longer. We stopped at a used book store on the way to the bus stop. We didn't have to wait too long for a bus to come to get home. Later in the evening I played Halo 2 online for a while, and later talked to Khadijah on the phone for a couple hours.

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Last Media Arts Class

This morning's class was the last for Intro. to Media Arts. The lecture regarded law and ethics and media. We also recieved our last writing assignment and previous tests. Getting home was cosiderably less time-consuming than last week. Collectivly I waited five minutes for the two buses home. After getting home I did n't really do anything productive. I was on the computer for a while, watched some TV, played Halo 2. Late in the evening I talked with Khadijah on the phone for a while.

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West Jeff. vs. Hahnville

I didn't have much to do at the office today but I went to work anyway. Dad showed me how to mail out reports, that was about it. We had lunch at Bangkok Cuisine. Shortly after getting back to the office we left for the day to go home, stopping on the way to wash the car. After getting home and eating dinner, we left to drive to Hahnville to see West Jeff. play Hahnville high in the regional playoffs. I took my camera but the batteries were DOA so I was unable to take any pictures; a shame as the stadium was rather well lit. The game itself turned out to be entertaining but ultimately incredibly disappointing. Hahnville enjoyed a lead through the 1st half. In the 2nd half West Jeff. finally put on a show worthy of the admission price. It came down to the last two minutes of the last quarter. West Jeff. had scored recently and the score was 24-21. West Jeff. was backed up after the punt near the opposite goal line. West Jeff. clawed it's way to the opposite end of the field, and in the final 11 seconds of the game, West Jeff. had just five yards to go to win the game. Unfortunately, West Jeff. just couldn't pull off a score. There were two incomplete passes in the end zone where the tight end had his hands on the ball. Time expired on 3rd down and Hahnville won the game, adding to there winning streat over two seasons of 27 games. We and the rest of the West Jeff. fans left in shock and disappointment. After the game we had to pick up Jeff at a friend's house in Metairie, where he had been dropped off after a trip from Natchitoche for Thanksgiving. While putting his computer in Dad's trunk, I hit the case on the car, scratching the paint. Suffice it to say, Dad was none too pleased, especially after seeing his team lose in a rather pathetic fashion. After getting home I played Halo 2 for a while and went to bed.

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Journey's With George

I had seven reports to do at work today. Having finished those not too long after lunch, I played solitare for a short while. I then realized that I was an intelligent human being and decided to learn how to play freecell, and I did. After winning a handful of games it was time to go home. We made soft tacos for dinner. Afterwards, I watched Journey's With George while I took the paint off the backplate of my MP3 player as it had been flaking off for a while. Later in the evening I spoke with Bianca on the phone for a while, who had recently come into town.

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All the President's Men

After getting dropped off at the mall this morning, I stopped in EB Games for a few minutes and got my first lok at the Nintendo DS. I found the console itself to be rather undesirable but the graphics and features are decent. I doubt I'll be getting one anytime soon. I'm alot more interested in the PSP at the moment. I don't remember what was discussed in Englsih class today, couldn't have been anything important. After class I had lunch and McDonald's and took the 1:15 shuttle uptown. I saw that the 2005 schedules came out today so I saw my student advisor, Julia, for a few minutes to discuss what I might take next semester. At the moment I'd like to take Review Writing and Art & Craft of Film. I'm not sure about the other two yet though. After that I went back toth elab for a while. I got up to go to class but found I misread my watch, so I decided to go to the Richardson building and look at the lab in there. I was in there for a while before leaving to go to class, again. Tonight journalism class featured a movie, All the President's Men. There was pizza as well. The movie was pretty decent, an account to the expose by Woodward and Bernstien which led to Nixon's resignation. I not well versed in those events so am unsure of the accuracy of the film.

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Visit to Karr

Since there really wasn’t anything for me to do at the office today, I stayed home. I did a little work around the house but not much. I tested out Xlink Kai for Halo 2. I was pleased that it worked well with so little effort. Around 2:30 I left the house to go to Karr to pay some teachers a visit. I saw Mr. Bryant and Ms. Waller among others. Since school was still going on I was unable to speak with anyone at great length. After getting home, I didn’t do much of circumstance for the rest of the day. I was on the computer and in front of the TV for a while. I talked to Khadijah on the phone for a couple hours late in the evening.

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Business as Usual

During today’s English class, the professor went over the first draft of reader response essays. Being of a political nature, a lively discussion resulted. After class I walked to Purple Roses for lunch and then took the shuttle uptown. I was in the lab for quite a while this evening as I was there for a good while before class and we lad a lab in info. systems this evening. Tonight’s lab was on web applications or some such thing. Mr. Perriatt just discussed some web apps. On the market, there was little need to be in front of computers. The lecture that followed continued on chapter 12 from last week. While boring, the lecture what a lot shorter than usual. After class I intended to visit Theresa, but she was sick. I think I woke her up when I called. I then went to meet dad at the library to go home. Later in the evening I continued playing Halo 2 and finished the campaign. I must say I was quite surprised with the ending. After that I watched the documentary on the game that came with the limited edition and then went to bed.

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