Friends in Town

Some friends on mine were in town for THankgiving. They called this morning and asked me to join themwhile out shopping. I agreed. Unfortunately they were two hours late, and not very apologetic. When they finally did arrive around noon, we went to a Chinese buffet and had lunch. After eating we left and while in the car Kali and Toni decided they wanted to take a nap so they just dropped Bianca and I right back at home. The majority of my evening was spent at home. My family went to grandma's house for dinner and to see some family in from Georgia. I stayed home since I was assuming my friends would want to go out for the evening. Not much matieralized since they could make up their minds about anything, Bianca said she just wanted to stay home. I was pretty disenchanted with their stick-in-the-mud behavior. Around 8 they decided to just stay at Toni's house and watch some movies. Andrey picked me up to go over there. We watched Entrapment and The Transporter, neither of which I'll be watching ever again. Kali and Andrey dissappeared not long after we started watching The Transporter. Toni took me home around 12:15 and I went right to bed, I was tired and had been having a persistant headache.

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