Day at Home, Dead Car Battery, Late Evening Out

After church I lounged around the house for a good while. I didn't hear much from my friend's who didn't want to do anything today. Around four Mom wanted to go to Walgreen's and she was willing to get some gas for my car and hers. We drove to a station close by to fill up the Taurus and a gas can. When we tried to leave Mom's car wouldn't start, the engine would not even turn over. The engine just made a rapid ticking noise when the key was turned. We called Ford but they couldn't tell us anything. A short time passed and Dad made his way home. We called him and he figured the battery was dead and came to meet us with jumper cables. Sure enough that was the problem and he jump-started the car so we could move it out of the way of the gas pump we had been parked in front of for about a half hour. We all got in his car to go to Wal-Mart to buy a battery. Having bought it we went back to the gas station, installed it, and all was well…pretty much. My parents were kinda miffed, seeing as the car was pretty new and had no business having a dead battery. We had dinner after getting home. My parents went out to see a movie in the evening. Khadijah stopped by the house for a while to visit. Around 10:30 she said she was hungry and wanted to go out. She wasn't interested in eating the abundance of leftovers we had. I didn't feel like getting on a bus at that late hour. She called Andrey and coaxed him into giving us a ride. He picked us up and we went to Taco Bell. He couldn’t stay long and didn’t eat anything. After he left Kali and I ordered and sat down to eat. A short while later we decided to go somewhere else, not that we had many choices. We stopped in Blockbuster for a few minutes just to look around. We walked to Bennigan’s and saw that they’re open till 1 Am on Saturdays so we decided to take up a table in there for a while. I got some sort of fruit punch and Khadijah got an Irish Coffee and later a mango daiquiris. After talking for a while and watching people leave and the place close, we finally left a little after one. We then walked into Walgreen’s so we could call a cab home, which we did. It only took a couple minutes for the cab to arrive. I went to bed a while after getting home.

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