A Walk in the Quarter

Not long after church, I met Bianca to go across the river to walk around and do some shopping. The bus we rode took quite a while to make it to the ferry landing, but it was no tragedy as we were in no hurry. After getting off the ferry we made our way to a gem and lapidary shop on St. Philip St. that Bianca likes. We both saw some things that interested us but we didn't buy anything. Having browsed around there we retraced our steps and stopped at the River's Edge Cafe for a late lunch. I had a catfish platter, not the best choice. After lunch we went to the Riverwalk. We were there for a couple hours, stopping in various stores to look at various things. Bianca bought me a wooden chess set for Christmas. I was able to check one person off my shopping list. After leaving the Riverwalk we walked down Decatur to TCBY for some ice cream, I had a strawberry cone that was rather big and I didn't finish it. After leaving there we walked around the quarter for a short while longer. We stopped at a used book store on the way to the bus stop. We didn't have to wait too long for a bus to come to get home. Later in the evening I played Halo 2 online for a while, and later talked to Khadijah on the phone for a couple hours.

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