All the President's Men

After getting dropped off at the mall this morning, I stopped in EB Games for a few minutes and got my first lok at the Nintendo DS. I found the console itself to be rather undesirable but the graphics and features are decent. I doubt I'll be getting one anytime soon. I'm alot more interested in the PSP at the moment. I don't remember what was discussed in Englsih class today, couldn't have been anything important. After class I had lunch and McDonald's and took the 1:15 shuttle uptown. I saw that the 2005 schedules came out today so I saw my student advisor, Julia, for a few minutes to discuss what I might take next semester. At the moment I'd like to take Review Writing and Art & Craft of Film. I'm not sure about the other two yet though. After that I went back toth elab for a while. I got up to go to class but found I misread my watch, so I decided to go to the Richardson building and look at the lab in there. I was in there for a while before leaving to go to class, again. Tonight journalism class featured a movie, All the President's Men. There was pizza as well. The movie was pretty decent, an account to the expose by Woodward and Bernstien which led to Nixon's resignation. I not well versed in those events so am unsure of the accuracy of the film.

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