Business as Usual

During today’s English class, the professor went over the first draft of reader response essays. Being of a political nature, a lively discussion resulted. After class I walked to Purple Roses for lunch and then took the shuttle uptown. I was in the lab for quite a while this evening as I was there for a good while before class and we lad a lab in info. systems this evening. Tonight’s lab was on web applications or some such thing. Mr. Perriatt just discussed some web apps. On the market, there was little need to be in front of computers. The lecture that followed continued on chapter 12 from last week. While boring, the lecture what a lot shorter than usual. After class I intended to visit Theresa, but she was sick. I think I woke her up when I called. I then went to meet dad at the library to go home. Later in the evening I continued playing Halo 2 and finished the campaign. I must say I was quite surprised with the ending. After that I watched the documentary on the game that came with the limited edition and then went to bed.

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