Return From Break

Classes resumed today. We got our essays back from Mr. Greene, I got an A, mildly surprising since my essay since the political opinions in the essay don't quite match his. We discussed an Op-Ed piece by Bill O'Reily during class. Afterwards I got a ride from a classmate, Sara, to O'Henry's uptown so I could meet Melanie for lunch. I got there pretty early so I had plenty of time to read the Gambit. I ordered some crawfish cakes to hold me over but they were actually pretty filling, especially for an appetizer. Melanie arrived on time and ordered shortly thereafter. I wasn’t too hungry so I decided to get a dessert. Faulty logic on my part brought a piece of cheesecake to the table. After finishing lunch we walked back to her house, not a terribly long trip. I was at her house for a few hours, talking about nothing of crucial circumstance. She showed me a textbook for a class I’ll be taking next semester. I had to leave at 5:15 to be on time for this evening’s class. Tonight’s info. system’s lecture was a good deal more tolerable that previous weeks. The final chapter discussed various aspects of IS threats and security. I tried called Theresa after class but couldn’t reach her. I met Dad in front of the library and went home. I didn’t do much of circumstance in the evening. I talked to Kali on the phone for a short while late in the evening.

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