West Jeff. vs. Hahnville

I didn't have much to do at the office today but I went to work anyway. Dad showed me how to mail out reports, that was about it. We had lunch at Bangkok Cuisine. Shortly after getting back to the office we left for the day to go home, stopping on the way to wash the car. After getting home and eating dinner, we left to drive to Hahnville to see West Jeff. play Hahnville high in the regional playoffs. I took my camera but the batteries were DOA so I was unable to take any pictures; a shame as the stadium was rather well lit. The game itself turned out to be entertaining but ultimately incredibly disappointing. Hahnville enjoyed a lead through the 1st half. In the 2nd half West Jeff. finally put on a show worthy of the admission price. It came down to the last two minutes of the last quarter. West Jeff. had scored recently and the score was 24-21. West Jeff. was backed up after the punt near the opposite goal line. West Jeff. clawed it's way to the opposite end of the field, and in the final 11 seconds of the game, West Jeff. had just five yards to go to win the game. Unfortunately, West Jeff. just couldn't pull off a score. There were two incomplete passes in the end zone where the tight end had his hands on the ball. Time expired on 3rd down and Hahnville won the game, adding to there winning streat over two seasons of 27 games. We and the rest of the West Jeff. fans left in shock and disappointment. After the game we had to pick up Jeff at a friend's house in Metairie, where he had been dropped off after a trip from Natchitoche for Thanksgiving. While putting his computer in Dad's trunk, I hit the case on the car, scratching the paint. Suffice it to say, Dad was none too pleased, especially after seeing his team lose in a rather pathetic fashion. After getting home I played Halo 2 for a while and went to bed.

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