October 2004

Class and Rest

I dragged myself out of bed this morning to go to class. I still felt sick but better than yesterday. Today's topic of discussion was public relations. I went home after class, although that took quite a while. I must have spent at least 45 minutes waiting for the Freret bus. I didn't do much for the rest of the day. I watched some TV and browsed the net for a little while. I watched “The Third Man” this evening.

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Crappy Day

I woke up feeling pretty ragged this morning. My sinuses have been congested for a couple days although it had just been a nuisance. I developed a sore throat a few days ago which has persisted. I didn't do much today. I was on the computer for a short while, napped, watched some TV. Dad grilled some ribs for dinner. I did some laundry in the evening.

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Work, Football and Cheesecake

Before going to work this afternoon, I typed up some instructions so Don and his wife would be able to access Jefferson Parish court records. I had some trouble connecting, but I called someone in their IT department I’ve spoken with previously and I was quickly able to get it working. We drove to the mid city office but stayed only briefly to drop some things off. We then went to Don’s house so I could make the changes to the software I installed previously. It only took a few minutes, quite short in comparison to the trip to Kenner. After getting back to the office Dad left me with a few reports to do. I got lunch shortly after getting there, grilled ham and swiss on french bread. After eating it didn’t take long to finish the few reports I had to transcribe, I probably spent more time eating. I spent the rest of the time at work playing solitaire and trying my hand at some mundane image manipulation. Dad came back from the east and we left the office after sox o’clock, later than either of us would have liked. We were going to the West Jefferson vs. Grace King football game. After visiting with Dionne, who lives next door to the stadium, we walked to the game. It was quite a massacre. West Jeff. Dominated with a score of 50-0 at halftime. By then they played their underclassmen. The final was 62-6, with a last minute touchdown by Grace King. After the game we went back to visit Grandma, Dionne and Larry for a while. Having left there we had decided to get something to eat. We ended up going to Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro. I had been there only once before after my high school graduation ceremony. We ordered an appetizer and then moved on to the cheesecake. We both got the banana’s foster, which I had and enjoyed the last time I was there. I wasn’t very tired when I got home so I watched “A Streetcar Named Desire” and went to bed.

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Business as Usual

During English class today we read a short story aloud, or at least part if it. I met Ann for lunch after and had some Japanese food I didn’t especially like. She told me about the regional manager’s visit to the bookstore and the ensuing melodrama. A while after lunch I took the shuttle as usual and went to the computer lab for a while. I left a little early to go get a little something to eat. I didn’t get farther than PJ’s Coffee and got a piece of cheese cake. I took it back to Mayer and sat to eat and read the paper. Tonight’s journalism class was about interviewing. We got our stories back from last week, I got an A. After class I walked over to meet my dad at The Boot where game four of the World Series was on. We had something to eat and left before the game was over. I didn’t do much after getting home aside from getting a good look at the lunar eclipse.

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Cleaning up the Office

I went to work this morning. On the way we stopped at the bank and Wal-Mart. Dad bought some things for the office including some needed cleaning supplies and a toilet seat. When we got the the office we found that the seat didn't fit. I spent a good while cleaning one of the closets in the office. I didn't have much to do after that. I looked around a little tool room/workshop in the back. I took home a broken Morfam massager that had a frayed power cord. I fixed it after dinner while I was watching TV. Later in the evening I watched most of game three of the World Series.

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Class, Lunch, and Subsequent Walking

Before English class today I had some time ro slap together an essay to turn in. It's just the first draft so I still have a week to work on it. During class we spend a little time taking apary my fragile and shoddy creation. Class was dismissed early so I was able to catch the earlier shuttle uptown. I was to have lunch with Melanie today and I was able to bump that up one hour. We ate at the Frostop adjacent to the campus. I had a fried catfish platter and Melanie had an excuse for a hamburger. After having eaten and talking for a while I walked her home, visited for a few minutes, and then walked to Gibson Hall. I was in the lab for a while before class started. We had a lab today on Microsoft Access. After that was a less that rousing lecture on some variety of computer systems I don't remember. After class I walked to the library to meed Dad and went home. Later in the evening I started watching “Iron Jawed Angels” but was too tired to finish.

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Tulane vs. UAB

It was unseasonably hot today with temperatures approaching 90 degrees. Today’s media arts class was about advertising. Mr. Rhodes did not have our tests back yet. After class I walked over to the Reily Center to take a shuttle to City Park, where today’s homecoming game took place. There was a sizable line waiting and I had to wait for a short while after one bus took those in the front of the line. I was the second to last person on the next one. After getting off the shuttle it didn’t take long to find Dad and Andrew, who got there not long after dropping me off for class. We watched the team come in and sat around the car with some food we brought. There was a small parade around the park we watched as well. The game was quite a spectacle. We all expected Tulane to get blown out of the water. UAB is ranked like 24th in the nation. I am unsure as to the last time Tulane beat a ranked team. Additionally, UAB recently beat Memphis, who beat us rather badly a few weeks ago. The game proved far more interesting as expected. Neither team’s defense was anything to write home about; ours looks quite inept as UAB’s offense strolled right past Tulane’s defenders to score on many possessions. At halftime we were down by a field goal, 24-21 I think. The second half was quite exciting. There was a lot of scoring and not a lot of defense. Near the end it looked like whoever would get the ball last would win the game, and that’s basically how it happened. Tulane scored with 27 seconds remaining, making the score 59-55. UAB ran a few plays but was unable to score and Tulane won. This was a really big win for Tulane, and their first conference win of the season. Tulane new quarterback, Lester Ricard, had a real good showing, setting a new school record with six touchdown passes in a single game. Later in the evening after getting home I watched some TV and updated this log.

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Friday at Home Again

I was at home instead of at work today. I didn’t get much done aside from some laundry. I set up terminal access at home so we could access the Jefferson Parish 1st and 2nd District Court Records at home. I made breaded pork chops for dinner this evening. Later I finished watching “Inherit the Wind” and talked to Khadijah on the phone for a while.

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Red Sox win the AL Championship

I worked at mid city today. I was dragging most of the day after not getting much sleep the night before. IN the evening I watched the Red Sox win game seven of the American League Championship Series, beating the Yankee’s to the World Series. I don’t follow baseball but I found it remarkable to see a team come from behind after three series losses to win four in a row and defeat the Yankee’s after being humiliated by them a couple times in previous years. I understand this is the first time this has happened in baseball history. Even later in the evening I stated watching “Inherit the Wind,” but I dosed off before it was over to no fault of the movie, which was quite good.

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Finishing Up My News Feature

Today’s English class was mildly amusing, as opposed to most sessions. After class I had lunch with Ann. I got a stromboli and some pasta. After lunch I walked down to New Orleans Party and Costume again to ask some follow-up questions for my story, which was due later in the day. After asking my questions and taking some pictures, I walked back to school to sit in the computer lab for a little while and finish the story. After that I caught the shuttle uptown and walked to another computer lab where I touched up the story some more and browsed eBay and such. Just before my next class I spoke with Melanie, who was very understanding about me screwing up lunch last Saturday. Journalism class was nice as usual. I got 90%, which may be barely an A. After class I walked to The Boot, which was rather crowded with baseball fans watching game six of the ALCS. Dad and I stayed until around the 7th inning, after the food we ordered was finally ordered and having eaten. After getting home I watched the Red Sox force game seven.

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I went to work with Dad today in no particular hurry. I had several reports to do, which I did. I might remember more but this entry is late.

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Interviewing For Assignment

This turned out to be a rather ordinary day as I now define them. English class was rather unremarkable. After class I walked down to New Orleans Party and Costume on Camp St. I have a journalism assignment requiring my to write a story relating Halloween and business, and I thought this place was as good as any. It turned out that this place had just opened so I altered my story idea to be about a newly opened business. The owner of the place was very cooperative. She and her mother-in-law were quite helpful. Having finished there I walked to McDonalds, had lunch, and caught the shuttle uptown. We had a tedious lecture in info. systems class about transaction processing systems. I got my test back from last week. After the curb and lecture bonus, a few points for remaining conscious throughout the class following the test, I had a 110%, bringing by class grade up to 95% after a disappointing grade on my first class. After class I met by Dad at The Boot where the ALCS was on TV. After a drink and seeing the Sox win another game we went home.

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A Little Shopping and A Saints Game

Immediately after church, I went with my grandmother to the mall. She was going to buy some book for a gift and she thought my input would help… and I had nothing better to do. After arriving at the mall we walked to the B.Dalton store. They didn't have what she was looking for so we went looking for the other bookstore in the mall but it must have closed. I suggested we drive to the Barnes and Noble nearby. Before leaving the mall we got some ice cream, and then we left for B&N. After getting there it didn't take long to find what she was looking for. She bought the two books and we left. There were some other stores in the same strip mall that she wanted to see so we did. After having browsed around for a bit we stopped at a nearby Popeye's for lunch before she took me home. Later in the evening Dad and I went to see the Saints play the Minnesota Vikings at the Superdome. Our seats were in the terrace but we decided to try and sit in an end one a few rows off the field. The Vikings were in control throughout the game. Two early touchdowns by Minnesota set the tone. The Saints tried playing catch-up during the entire game. In the end they were short by one touchdown with a final of 38-31. We left the game a bit early. After the game we went to The Boot for a little while and saw the Red Sox beat the Yankees with a home run in the 12th inning.

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Class, A Screwed Up Lunch and a Couple Movies

Andrew came along on the way to class with Dad today as he was going to Grandma Janet’s house after I was dropped off at school. Class was short today, we discussed television and our tests last week, I got an A. After class I went to an ATM to deposit my paycheck. I then walked back to St. Charles Ave. to catch the streetcar to go to a restaurant to meet Melanie. Unfortunately I really screwed up with that. We agreed to meet at the Trolley Stop Caf. I believe there used to be two locations of this establishment. Suffice it to say I went near the one that had been closed down for over a year. The place I should have gone was on the other end of St. Charles Avenue. I was unable to reach Melanie and I ended up eating at O’Henry’s by myself. It took a while to get home. I took a 45 minute streetcar ride downtown. Our car was jam packed half of the way which was a bit miserable. The bus ride to the west bank wasn’t so bad though. After getting home I just lounged around for a while. I watched a goofy Danny Devito movie called “Renaissance Man” in the afternoon. Dad grilled some ribs and sausages for dinner. Later in the evening my parents went out to see a movie. I had rented “Mystic River” so I watched that. After that it was pretty late in the evening. I used the computer for a while and went to bed.

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