Finishing Up My News Feature

Today’s English class was mildly amusing, as opposed to most sessions. After class I had lunch with Ann. I got a stromboli and some pasta. After lunch I walked down to New Orleans Party and Costume again to ask some follow-up questions for my story, which was due later in the day. After asking my questions and taking some pictures, I walked back to school to sit in the computer lab for a little while and finish the story. After that I caught the shuttle uptown and walked to another computer lab where I touched up the story some more and browsed eBay and such. Just before my next class I spoke with Melanie, who was very understanding about me screwing up lunch last Saturday. Journalism class was nice as usual. I got 90%, which may be barely an A. After class I walked to The Boot, which was rather crowded with baseball fans watching game six of the ALCS. Dad and I stayed until around the 7th inning, after the food we ordered was finally ordered and having eaten. After getting home I watched the Red Sox force game seven.

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