Tulane vs. UAB

It was unseasonably hot today with temperatures approaching 90 degrees. Today’s media arts class was about advertising. Mr. Rhodes did not have our tests back yet. After class I walked over to the Reily Center to take a shuttle to City Park, where today’s homecoming game took place. There was a sizable line waiting and I had to wait for a short while after one bus took those in the front of the line. I was the second to last person on the next one. After getting off the shuttle it didn’t take long to find Dad and Andrew, who got there not long after dropping me off for class. We watched the team come in and sat around the car with some food we brought. There was a small parade around the park we watched as well. The game was quite a spectacle. We all expected Tulane to get blown out of the water. UAB is ranked like 24th in the nation. I am unsure as to the last time Tulane beat a ranked team. Additionally, UAB recently beat Memphis, who beat us rather badly a few weeks ago. The game proved far more interesting as expected. Neither team’s defense was anything to write home about; ours looks quite inept as UAB’s offense strolled right past Tulane’s defenders to score on many possessions. At halftime we were down by a field goal, 24-21 I think. The second half was quite exciting. There was a lot of scoring and not a lot of defense. Near the end it looked like whoever would get the ball last would win the game, and that’s basically how it happened. Tulane scored with 27 seconds remaining, making the score 59-55. UAB ran a few plays but was unable to score and Tulane won. This was a really big win for Tulane, and their first conference win of the season. Tulane new quarterback, Lester Ricard, had a real good showing, setting a new school record with six touchdown passes in a single game. Later in the evening after getting home I watched some TV and updated this log.

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