Business as Usual

During English class today we read a short story aloud, or at least part if it. I met Ann for lunch after and had some Japanese food I didn’t especially like. She told me about the regional manager’s visit to the bookstore and the ensuing melodrama. A while after lunch I took the shuttle as usual and went to the computer lab for a while. I left a little early to go get a little something to eat. I didn’t get farther than PJ’s Coffee and got a piece of cheese cake. I took it back to Mayer and sat to eat and read the paper. Tonight’s journalism class was about interviewing. We got our stories back from last week, I got an A. After class I walked over to meet my dad at The Boot where game four of the World Series was on. We had something to eat and left before the game was over. I didn’t do much after getting home aside from getting a good look at the lunar eclipse.

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