Interviewing For Assignment

This turned out to be a rather ordinary day as I now define them. English class was rather unremarkable. After class I walked down to New Orleans Party and Costume on Camp St. I have a journalism assignment requiring my to write a story relating Halloween and business, and I thought this place was as good as any. It turned out that this place had just opened so I altered my story idea to be about a newly opened business. The owner of the place was very cooperative. She and her mother-in-law were quite helpful. Having finished there I walked to McDonalds, had lunch, and caught the shuttle uptown. We had a tedious lecture in info. systems class about transaction processing systems. I got my test back from last week. After the curb and lecture bonus, a few points for remaining conscious throughout the class following the test, I had a 110%, bringing by class grade up to 95% after a disappointing grade on my first class. After class I met by Dad at The Boot where the ALCS was on TV. After a drink and seeing the Sox win another game we went home.

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