Class, A Screwed Up Lunch and a Couple Movies

Andrew came along on the way to class with Dad today as he was going to Grandma Janet’s house after I was dropped off at school. Class was short today, we discussed television and our tests last week, I got an A. After class I went to an ATM to deposit my paycheck. I then walked back to St. Charles Ave. to catch the streetcar to go to a restaurant to meet Melanie. Unfortunately I really screwed up with that. We agreed to meet at the Trolley Stop Caf. I believe there used to be two locations of this establishment. Suffice it to say I went near the one that had been closed down for over a year. The place I should have gone was on the other end of St. Charles Avenue. I was unable to reach Melanie and I ended up eating at O’Henry’s by myself. It took a while to get home. I took a 45 minute streetcar ride downtown. Our car was jam packed half of the way which was a bit miserable. The bus ride to the west bank wasn’t so bad though. After getting home I just lounged around for a while. I watched a goofy Danny Devito movie called “Renaissance Man” in the afternoon. Dad grilled some ribs and sausages for dinner. Later in the evening my parents went out to see a movie. I had rented “Mystic River” so I watched that. After that it was pretty late in the evening. I used the computer for a while and went to bed.

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