A Little Shopping and A Saints Game

Immediately after church, I went with my grandmother to the mall. She was going to buy some book for a gift and she thought my input would help… and I had nothing better to do. After arriving at the mall we walked to the B.Dalton store. They didn't have what she was looking for so we went looking for the other bookstore in the mall but it must have closed. I suggested we drive to the Barnes and Noble nearby. Before leaving the mall we got some ice cream, and then we left for B&N. After getting there it didn't take long to find what she was looking for. She bought the two books and we left. There were some other stores in the same strip mall that she wanted to see so we did. After having browsed around for a bit we stopped at a nearby Popeye's for lunch before she took me home. Later in the evening Dad and I went to see the Saints play the Minnesota Vikings at the Superdome. Our seats were in the terrace but we decided to try and sit in an end one a few rows off the field. The Vikings were in control throughout the game. Two early touchdowns by Minnesota set the tone. The Saints tried playing catch-up during the entire game. In the end they were short by one touchdown with a final of 38-31. We left the game a bit early. After the game we went to The Boot for a little while and saw the Red Sox beat the Yankees with a home run in the 12th inning.

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