Work, Football and Cheesecake

Before going to work this afternoon, I typed up some instructions so Don and his wife would be able to access Jefferson Parish court records. I had some trouble connecting, but I called someone in their IT department I’ve spoken with previously and I was quickly able to get it working. We drove to the mid city office but stayed only briefly to drop some things off. We then went to Don’s house so I could make the changes to the software I installed previously. It only took a few minutes, quite short in comparison to the trip to Kenner. After getting back to the office Dad left me with a few reports to do. I got lunch shortly after getting there, grilled ham and swiss on french bread. After eating it didn’t take long to finish the few reports I had to transcribe, I probably spent more time eating. I spent the rest of the time at work playing solitaire and trying my hand at some mundane image manipulation. Dad came back from the east and we left the office after sox o’clock, later than either of us would have liked. We were going to the West Jefferson vs. Grace King football game. After visiting with Dionne, who lives next door to the stadium, we walked to the game. It was quite a massacre. West Jeff. Dominated with a score of 50-0 at halftime. By then they played their underclassmen. The final was 62-6, with a last minute touchdown by Grace King. After the game we went back to visit Grandma, Dionne and Larry for a while. Having left there we had decided to get something to eat. We ended up going to Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro. I had been there only once before after my high school graduation ceremony. We ordered an appetizer and then moved on to the cheesecake. We both got the banana’s foster, which I had and enjoyed the last time I was there. I wasn’t very tired when I got home so I watched “A Streetcar Named Desire” and went to bed.

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