Class, Lunch, and Subsequent Walking

Before English class today I had some time ro slap together an essay to turn in. It's just the first draft so I still have a week to work on it. During class we spend a little time taking apary my fragile and shoddy creation. Class was dismissed early so I was able to catch the earlier shuttle uptown. I was to have lunch with Melanie today and I was able to bump that up one hour. We ate at the Frostop adjacent to the campus. I had a fried catfish platter and Melanie had an excuse for a hamburger. After having eaten and talking for a while I walked her home, visited for a few minutes, and then walked to Gibson Hall. I was in the lab for a while before class started. We had a lab today on Microsoft Access. After that was a less that rousing lecture on some variety of computer systems I don't remember. After class I walked to the library to meed Dad and went home. Later in the evening I started watching “Iron Jawed Angels” but was too tired to finish.

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