April 2006

Bruce Springsteen with the Seeger Sessions Band

This entry is being typed on the night of May 10th, almost two weeks after the fact. As is nearly always the case, my memory has faded considerably. On top of that, I attended Jazz Fest on three other days after this one, which really blends my recollections. Between a paper record and what’s left in my head, I can recount the following. Dad and I arrived at the fairgrounds a lot later that we would have liked this afternoon and didn’t get our usual parking spot. We walked in and headed to economy hall basically between acts. We went to the congo square stage where The Soul Rebels performed at one o’clock. I don’t remember the performance but I know we stayed for the whole thing so it must have been decent. If I remember right they did a good job of getting the audience to participate. After they finished I think Dad went to the Acura stage to see Sonny Landreth. I stopped at the grandstands and then went to get something to eat. I ate in the gospel tent where the Melody Clouds were performing. Later, I met Dad at the Acura stage where Allen Toussiant performed with Elvis Costello. The closing act of the evening was Bruce Springsteen with the Seeger Sessions Band. A far cry from his E-Street band stuff, this evening’s performance was basically folk music. I’m not a music critic so I can’t effectively convey just how good his performance was. As this entry is late I can say that the press regarded the show very highly and much has been written about it. Springsteen may not be an amazingly talented musician, but it’s readily apparent he gives 100% and leaves it all on the stage. Among other sings tha were ‘relevant’ to the current situation in New Orleans, Springsteen concluded with a moving rendition of “When the Saints Go Marching In,” “even though there are 100 bands in the city that can do it better than we can, ” said Springsteen. Unlike every other time I’ve heard the song, it wasn’t an upbeat rendition. He just sung it rather quietly, and there were several other verses that I didn’t know were part of the tune. Dad said we’ll be talking about this one performance 20 years from now. I can’t disagree, and I’m glad I was there.

May 4, 2019 Update: It’s all on YouTube.

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A Windy Day at the Fairgrounds

The whole family and Jeff’s friend Jenny went out to the second day of the Jazz Fest this afternoon. We got there a little later than would have been ideal. As such, our usual parking spot was taken so it took a little longer than usual. The weather was largely overcast today, unfortunately it was rather windy, which was only a problem because of all the dirt and dead grass around. I walked in with Jeff and Jenny. Our first stop was Congo Square, where a group called Percussion Inc. was playing. They were an interesting group dominated by a couple drums. I think they would have sounded a little better if the piano was more prominent. After listening to them for a bit we walked down to the Acura Stage where Mom and Dad staked out a spot. World Leader Pretend was playing, some rock bank I guess I don’t really remember. Mom left to go to economy hall and a short while later I joined her. Tim Laughlin stared at 1:00. To no surprise, the clarinet player put on a great set. We saw him at the French Quarter Festival about a week ago. The familiar second-liners were there. After Tim Laughlin, I went to get something to eat, Jambalaya, and went to the Jazz tent to go see “Jhelsia’s Tribute to Nina Simone.” I wasn’t familiar with the performer but I am fond of a lot of Nina Simone’s music so I decided to check it out. While it was nice to have a comfortable place to eat, I wasn’t really impressed with the performance. While it wasn’t necessarily bad, it wasn’t especially faithful to Simone. Soon after I finished my jambalaya, I walked to the grandstands to use the bathroom and clean myself up a bit. I took a seat in the paddock where the lagniappe stage is so I could relax a bit. Henry Gray and the Cats were performing. I met up with mom there. Shortly before four o’clock, we walked over to the jazz tent where Herbie Hancock was to perform at 4:10. There was an enormous crowd there already. The best we could do was find a place to stand outside the tent. The set was more than slightly late getting started because the stage manager refused to start the show before the aisles were cleared. While the ever-growing crowd waited, mom got restless and left to join Dad who was still at the Acura stage. When they finally did get started, Hancock put on a pretty decent show. I’ve never seen a laptop in use on stage during a Jazz Fest performance. When they were done I walked over to meet Dad at the Acura Stage for Dave Matthews Band. Due to the nature of Dave Matthews acoustic guitar music, and his talent, it was a pretty good live show. I’m well aware I’m not being especially descriptive about the performances, but I’m not a music critic. I’ll have to let it suffice to say it was a nice performance. After that, the last show of the evening was finished, Mom, Dad and I made our way out of the fairgrounds and back to the car. We must have gotten home some time before eight.

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Jazz Fest 2006

No work today, the Fest is back. Dad and I went out to the fairgrounds this morning to go to The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Jazz Fest is basically a huge amalgamation of music, food and arts/crafts at the Fair Grounds Race Course. This is the third or fourth year I’ve been. Dad and I intend to go all six days this year. Between the lackluster attendance last year and hurricane Katrina, I wouldn’t have been surprised if the Jazz Fest had not taken place this year. I know I’m among many who are elated that it is, however. It the attendance today was any indication, it should be a rousing success. Dad and arrived sometime after 11. He parked in his usual spot. The line to get in at the gate near the clubhouse looked to be a mile long. We walked over to what I suppose is the main gate. There was no line there at all. It was sad and hilarious at the same time. Once we were in I think we went right to economy hall. The New Orleans Jazz Vipers were in the middle of their set. There a swing/traditional jazz band that I’ve seen more than once thanks to their frequent performances at the Spotted Cat. After them, the Dukes of Dixieland performed. They’re a traditional jazz band that’s best known as playing on the steamboat Natchez. I’ve seen them at Jazz Fest a couple times. I remember us leaving economy hall after the dukes but I don’t remember why. I do recall going back for some of Lionel Ferbos and the Palm Court Jazz Band. We left about half way though to go to Congo Square. Vivaz, a local latin group I’d never heard of, was playing. They were really good, which made it even more surprising I wasn’t familiar with them. Just before their set ended, I left the fairgrounds and got a taxi to Tulane because I had a final exam for psychology this afternoon. I left nearly an hour and half before I had to be there at 4:30 because I was concerned I might have trouble getting a cab. It was in fact no trouble at all and I was at Tulane by about 3:30. I’m not sure if the last test was harder than the previous ones, but I did think I had a reasonably firm grasp of the material. I was the first to finish the test. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing. Earlier in the day I asked Mom to pick me p after the test and she was waiting for me out front when I did. Just a few minutes after we got home, Jeff arrived home as well from Michigan. He was with his friend Jenny, who will be staying with us a couple days. That evening was relatively uneventful. I borrowed Jeff’s laptop to burn some DVDs because my desktop burner is putting out coasters. I think I may need to buy a new one.

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Last 'Media and the Law' Class

Dad and I got to the office at 2:30 this afternoon. Unlike Tuesday, I actually got some work done today. There’s still a mound of reports for me to work on but I did get one take knocked out. We left at about five so dad could take me to class this evening. Tonight was the last media and the law class, a course which has been a complete joke in all honesty. Not much happened tonight. He passed back all the mid-terms, which he finally got graded. I was rather shocked that I got a 70, I thought I did much better on the take-home test. He said he was looking for ‘key words’ in the answers. I wonder if context or the any text at all actually mattered. He also distributed the final exam, another take-home. That was pretty much it. Class was dismissed shortly after six. I caught the 6:20 shuttle downtown. I walked to the Sheraton and got a drink in the Pelican Bar while I waited for dad. There was at least one waitress circulating among the seating area. I wonder if they’re returning permanently or just working because of the larger crowds in town at the moment. Dad picked me up not long after I got me drink so I had to rush though it before walking out. I don’t remember doing anything special that evening.

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Final Exam and BeauSoleil

Dad dropped me off at Tulane sometime around three this afternoon. I sat in the library for a while before making it to class for 4:30. This afternoon’s psychology class was the last of the semester. Professor Edwards finished his lecture on psychological disorders, most of which was devoted to depression and schizophrenia. Before class I talked to the instructor about maybe taking the exam on Thursday because I was planning on going to Jazz Fest on Friday, when the exam is no dice. After that I had my last consumer behavior class of the term. Pretty much everyone showed to take the final exam. It was 50 multiple choice questions. I finished first in about 15 minutes. I was able to catch the 6:20 downtown. I met Dad at Lafayette Square, where “Wednesday at the Square” was taking place. Basically they have a band play in the park and there is food, drink and artwork available for purchase. It’s a great little event that draws a lot of people after work. It took me a few minutes but I was able to find Dad without too much trouble. BeauSoleil, a Cajun band, was playing. We were there until the end of the set at about 7:30 when the sun was going down. I don’t remember much happening that evening. I do remember canned beef stew for dinner yummy.

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Some Work Day

Dad and I went to work this afternoon, but we didn’t get there until well after two. We did make a couple stops though. I had a couple things to mail at the post office, including a copy of Karr’s junior year high school yearbook to my friend Mylena in Costa Rica. I had loads of dictation waiting for me that the office today but I was really out of it and I didn’t get much done. I was inexplicably tired. Dad and I left the office shortly after six. I needed a couple things for this weekend so Dad and I stopped at the mall for a little bit. I bought a pair of Reebok sneakers at Foot Locker for Jazz Fest. Until this evening I didn’t have a pair of white shoes. I just hope they’re comfortable for long periods, something I wasn’t really able to judge in the store. I got a shirt at the Gap, which was much like the one I got there a week or so ago, except green. I also stopped at the Sunglasses Hut, where a classmate from speech was working. I was in there for a little while. Dad joined me there after a few minutes and conceded he’s already bought me a pair of sun glasses for my birthday. Later this evening I watched Boston Legal and the episode of Penn and Teller: Bullshit! on cryptozoology.

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Seafood Gumbo & Stanley Kubrick

Dad and I went to the French Quarter Festival again. We caught the latter half of the Tulane baseball game. They swept Austin. Tonight’s final was 7-3. April 24: Like many Monday’s past, Dad has been unable to take me to the Metairie office to work because I wouldn’t be able to get to class on time in the evening. Dad dropped me off downtown on Poydras Street sometime around one this afternoon. I’ve always wanted to go to Mother’s Resturaunt, a rather famous establishment here in New Orleans. I finally got around to doing so today. On Dad’s advice, I ordered the gumbo, which was quite good even though I’m not much of a fan of the food. I had to wait in line a little over a half hour to order, which I would guess isn’t bad by Mother’s standards. The place is wildly popular. After lunch I walked over to the Tidewater building to catch the Tulane shuttle uptown. On the way I walked through the Place St. Charles high rise tower, just because I was curious what was in there. On the ground levels there is a tiny mall sort of thing with a couple stores, a hair salon and a food court. I had time to go to the library for a while before heading to class. This evening’s persuasive public speaking class was the last for me. Tonight students gave their last speech with the assistance of a PowerPoint presentation. Sadly, the projector professor Hanemann was atrocious. It spit out a ridiculously distorted image. This was especially disheartening for me as I created a brilliant and beautiful looking PowerPoint for my presentation on Stanley Kubrick and a couple of movies. My speech went ok, I got an A. After class I caught the 7:50 shuttle downtown. Dad picked me up at the Sheraton. I can’t remember what was for dinner, but I do recall watching 24 later that evening.

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French Quarter Festival 2006

April 22: Went to the French Quarter Festival, lots of music, food, and most importantly, people. April 23: Dad and I went to the French Quarter Festival again. We caught the latter half of the Tulane baseball game. They swept Austin. Tonight’s final was 7-3.

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Thursday and Friday

April 20: Watched Quiz Show in Media and the Law class instead of talking about the upcoming exam. April 21: Went to psychology class, and later to the Tulane baseball game versus Steven F. Austin. Shaun Morgan almost pitched a no hitter. The only hit for them was a home run. Final was 9-1.

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Out of Focus

Dad drove me uptown at about 2:30 this afternoon. I stopped at Molander’s Camera on the way to finally pick up the 120 film I dropped off a couple weeks ago. All of the pictures from my Mamiyaflex are slightly out of focus. I went to the library for a little while before class this afternoon. I split my time between watching 24 and browsing the internet. This afternoon’s psychology class was about industrial and organizational psychology. Tonight’s consumer behavior class was about the purchase process, most of which was covered last week. I caught the 7:50 shuttle downtown after class. Dad picked me up in front of the Sheraton on Canal. Later when I got home I got something to eat and watched the new Boston Legal episode I missed yesterday.

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Tulane Kicks LSU's Ass… Freakin' Sweet

Dad and I went to work for about one this afternoon. We made a couple stops on the way, both to Winn Dixie and a gas station to get some things for later this evening. I had plenty of dictation to work on this afternoon. I did get one of the tapes finished. Dad and I left the office for a little while around three to pick up a couple things for the office at home depot. I picked up a Pilot pen and a package of Mont Blanc refills. I read an article online about how the ink for these $200 pens can fit in a much cheaper pen and I thought it was worth trying out. Indeed, their ink works quite well, although I can’t see myself owning such an expensive pen, as often as I lose the things. Dad and I were at the office for about another hour before leaving to go to Zephyr Field. Tulane’s baseball team played LSU this evening, obviously a big event. There were lots of people out tailgating before the game. Dad and I brought some food as well. We actually stopped at Aunt Dionne’s house on the way to heat up some things. Zephyr Field was sold out tonight and the crowd was rather lively, at least the Tulane folks were in the later part of the game. The seats didn’t look entirely occupied, however, as a slew of fans watched the game from the concourse. LSU was at bat first this evening. They scored one run in the top of the first. Tulane answered big in the bottom of the second scoring five runs with four hits, all with two outs. Events would repeat themselves in the fourth. LSU managed to score a run at the top. IN the bottom of the fifth, Tulane scored five more runs. Notably, Seth Henry stole home and Max Kwan got a base hit to right field. Tulane left the bases loaded in the fifth as McFadden flied out with the bases loaded. The LSU fans were pretty quiet by this time. It was nice. LSU scored one run in the sixth and the top of the seventh. Tulane answered the last two with two of their own in the bottom of the seventh. There was no more scoring after that although there were chances. The ‘happy final’ was 12-5. After the game, Dad and I went down to Bruno’s couple drinks. The crowd was pretty manageable when we first got there although it grew considerably. I couldn’t say how many of them were at the game. We were there for at least an hour. Dad and I made it home around 12:30. I was tired when I got home but for some reason I didn’t go to bed. I watched one or two episodes of 24 before I finally turned in.

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Easter Monday?

I went to work with Dad for about 12:30 this afternoon. We stopped at McDonalds for something to eat. I had a full tape worth of dictation to work on today, but I didn’t even get close to finishing it, although I fully intended to. I spent a lot of time fooling with the fax machine this afternoon. I only had two faxes to send today, although one was 14 pages. However, something seemed to be long with the phone line. I made several attempts without complete success. Either it failed half way though or the received got blank pages very strange. I did work on some reports later in the afternoon but I didn’t get much done on that front. I should have time tomorrow though. We left the office about 20 past six. Before heading home, Dad had to stop at Doc’s apartment to help him in. I waited in the car for quite some time. I had my PMP with me and I watched a season one episode of 24, which I’ve just started getting in to. I hope watching two seasons concurrently doesn’t get too confusing. There was no class this evening due to the Easter holiday, which I would have assumed ended yesterday. A day off from class is noce, although I'm sure the instructor is less than thrilled about losing a session this close to the end of the term. We had white beans for dinner this evening. I watched 24 in my room afterward as Mom and Dad wanted to wait for some reason. Later in the evening I tried out my Viliv outputting to Dad’s high-def TV. The picture is pretty decent, but it could be a lot better. Late that evening I watched a couple more 24 episodes. I talked to Mylena online for a while before getting to be sometime after two.

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Tulane vs. UCF – Game 3

Shortly after church this afternoon, Dad and I went to Zephyr Field for the third and final game of the UCF series. There was a pretty decent turnout this afternoon, just over 2,500. This was one of the better Tulane games I’ve seen in a while. It was a close contest most of the way though. At the end of the fourth the score was tied at three. Tulane pulled ahead in an exciting sixth inning that started with a home run by Southard. There were four more hits after that. Seth Henry stole home on a wild pitch late in the inning to score the last of four runs, bringing the score to 7-3. UCF put some suspense back in the game after scoring a run in the top of the eighth. They also scored two more in the ninth, but Tulane was able to hold on to the lead and win 7-6. This evening I watched a few season one 24 episodes before bed.

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Tulane vs. UCF – Game 2

Andrew came with Dad and I this afternoon for the second Tulane baseball game versus UCF. Before getting to Zephyr Field, we stopped by to see Grandma Janet and Aunt Dionne, who live pretty close to the ball park. We were there for a few minutes and then walked over to visit Aunt Doris and Uncle Joe. Aunt Mimi was there as well. We visited for a little while before leaving to head to the game. Tulane didn’t look nearly as good today as they did yesterday. UCF hit the ball quite well this afternoon. Going in to the sixth inning, the score was close with Tulane leading 2-1, but Central Florida scored six runs in the top of the sixth and two more after that in the seventh. I think we left after the seventh inning. The final score was 9-2. I don’t remember the evening being especially busy. I watched the pilot to the show 24 this evening. I have yet to see any of the previous seasons but I intend to watch the first season over the next few weeks.

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