Tulane Kicks LSU's Ass… Freakin' Sweet

Dad and I went to work for about one this afternoon. We made a couple stops on the way, both to Winn Dixie and a gas station to get some things for later this evening. I had plenty of dictation to work on this afternoon. I did get one of the tapes finished. Dad and I left the office for a little while around three to pick up a couple things for the office at home depot. I picked up a Pilot pen and a package of Mont Blanc refills. I read an article online about how the ink for these $200 pens can fit in a much cheaper pen and I thought it was worth trying out. Indeed, their ink works quite well, although I can’t see myself owning such an expensive pen, as often as I lose the things. Dad and I were at the office for about another hour before leaving to go to Zephyr Field. Tulane’s baseball team played LSU this evening, obviously a big event. There were lots of people out tailgating before the game. Dad and I brought some food as well. We actually stopped at Aunt Dionne’s house on the way to heat up some things. Zephyr Field was sold out tonight and the crowd was rather lively, at least the Tulane folks were in the later part of the game. The seats didn’t look entirely occupied, however, as a slew of fans watched the game from the concourse. LSU was at bat first this evening. They scored one run in the top of the first. Tulane answered big in the bottom of the second scoring five runs with four hits, all with two outs. Events would repeat themselves in the fourth. LSU managed to score a run at the top. IN the bottom of the fifth, Tulane scored five more runs. Notably, Seth Henry stole home and Max Kwan got a base hit to right field. Tulane left the bases loaded in the fifth as McFadden flied out with the bases loaded. The LSU fans were pretty quiet by this time. It was nice. LSU scored one run in the sixth and the top of the seventh. Tulane answered the last two with two of their own in the bottom of the seventh. There was no more scoring after that although there were chances. The ‘happy final’ was 12-5. After the game, Dad and I went down to Bruno’s couple drinks. The crowd was pretty manageable when we first got there although it grew considerably. I couldn’t say how many of them were at the game. We were there for at least an hour. Dad and I made it home around 12:30. I was tired when I got home but for some reason I didn’t go to bed. I watched one or two episodes of 24 before I finally turned in.

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