Final Exam and BeauSoleil

Dad dropped me off at Tulane sometime around three this afternoon. I sat in the library for a while before making it to class for 4:30. This afternoon’s psychology class was the last of the semester. Professor Edwards finished his lecture on psychological disorders, most of which was devoted to depression and schizophrenia. Before class I talked to the instructor about maybe taking the exam on Thursday because I was planning on going to Jazz Fest on Friday, when the exam is no dice. After that I had my last consumer behavior class of the term. Pretty much everyone showed to take the final exam. It was 50 multiple choice questions. I finished first in about 15 minutes. I was able to catch the 6:20 downtown. I met Dad at Lafayette Square, where “Wednesday at the Square” was taking place. Basically they have a band play in the park and there is food, drink and artwork available for purchase. It’s a great little event that draws a lot of people after work. It took me a few minutes but I was able to find Dad without too much trouble. BeauSoleil, a Cajun band, was playing. We were there until the end of the set at about 7:30 when the sun was going down. I don’t remember much happening that evening. I do remember canned beef stew for dinner yummy.

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