Easter Monday?

I went to work with Dad for about 12:30 this afternoon. We stopped at McDonalds for something to eat. I had a full tape worth of dictation to work on today, but I didn’t even get close to finishing it, although I fully intended to. I spent a lot of time fooling with the fax machine this afternoon. I only had two faxes to send today, although one was 14 pages. However, something seemed to be long with the phone line. I made several attempts without complete success. Either it failed half way though or the received got blank pages very strange. I did work on some reports later in the afternoon but I didn’t get much done on that front. I should have time tomorrow though. We left the office about 20 past six. Before heading home, Dad had to stop at Doc’s apartment to help him in. I waited in the car for quite some time. I had my PMP with me and I watched a season one episode of 24, which I’ve just started getting in to. I hope watching two seasons concurrently doesn’t get too confusing. There was no class this evening due to the Easter holiday, which I would have assumed ended yesterday. A day off from class is noce, although I'm sure the instructor is less than thrilled about losing a session this close to the end of the term. We had white beans for dinner this evening. I watched 24 in my room afterward as Mom and Dad wanted to wait for some reason. Later in the evening I tried out my Viliv outputting to Dad’s high-def TV. The picture is pretty decent, but it could be a lot better. Late that evening I watched a couple more 24 episodes. I talked to Mylena online for a while before getting to be sometime after two.

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