Tulane vs. UCF – Game 3

Shortly after church this afternoon, Dad and I went to Zephyr Field for the third and final game of the UCF series. There was a pretty decent turnout this afternoon, just over 2,500. This was one of the better Tulane games I’ve seen in a while. It was a close contest most of the way though. At the end of the fourth the score was tied at three. Tulane pulled ahead in an exciting sixth inning that started with a home run by Southard. There were four more hits after that. Seth Henry stole home on a wild pitch late in the inning to score the last of four runs, bringing the score to 7-3. UCF put some suspense back in the game after scoring a run in the top of the eighth. They also scored two more in the ninth, but Tulane was able to hold on to the lead and win 7-6. This evening I watched a few season one 24 episodes before bed.

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