Tulane vs. UCF – Game 2

Andrew came with Dad and I this afternoon for the second Tulane baseball game versus UCF. Before getting to Zephyr Field, we stopped by to see Grandma Janet and Aunt Dionne, who live pretty close to the ball park. We were there for a few minutes and then walked over to visit Aunt Doris and Uncle Joe. Aunt Mimi was there as well. We visited for a little while before leaving to head to the game. Tulane didn’t look nearly as good today as they did yesterday. UCF hit the ball quite well this afternoon. Going in to the sixth inning, the score was close with Tulane leading 2-1, but Central Florida scored six runs in the top of the sixth and two more after that in the seventh. I think we left after the seventh inning. The final score was 9-2. I don’t remember the evening being especially busy. I watched the pilot to the show 24 this evening. I have yet to see any of the previous seasons but I intend to watch the first season over the next few weeks.

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