Last 'Media and the Law' Class

Dad and I got to the office at 2:30 this afternoon. Unlike Tuesday, I actually got some work done today. There’s still a mound of reports for me to work on but I did get one take knocked out. We left at about five so dad could take me to class this evening. Tonight was the last media and the law class, a course which has been a complete joke in all honesty. Not much happened tonight. He passed back all the mid-terms, which he finally got graded. I was rather shocked that I got a 70, I thought I did much better on the take-home test. He said he was looking for ‘key words’ in the answers. I wonder if context or the any text at all actually mattered. He also distributed the final exam, another take-home. That was pretty much it. Class was dismissed shortly after six. I caught the 6:20 shuttle downtown. I walked to the Sheraton and got a drink in the Pelican Bar while I waited for dad. There was at least one waitress circulating among the seating area. I wonder if they’re returning permanently or just working because of the larger crowds in town at the moment. Dad picked me up not long after I got me drink so I had to rush though it before walking out. I don’t remember doing anything special that evening.

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