February 2006


I worked on some of the doctor’s dictation this morning. For the time being, I’ll be doing the reports for his patients. Dad and I left the house shortly before two this afternoon. One the way, we were delayed briefly by a convoy of Mardi Gras floats crossing the river. Shortly after Dad dropped me off, I ran into Andrey as I was walking to the library. He was going to eat and I hadn’t had lunch myself so I joined him. After driving around a bit, we ended up at the Babylon Caf, a Mediterranean place on Maple Street. I had a gyro, what’s now my usual. After lunch Andrey drove back to the library and I remained there for over an hour and left at about 4:15 to go to my psychology class. This afternoon’s session was about senses and perception. Class ended a bit early at 5:20. After class, a survey was conducted. Extra credit was offered and I remained for about 20 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. The Survey related to Tulane and opinion about certain cost-cutting measures. This evening’s consumer behavior class was about the diffusion of innovation, which is closely related to the product life cycle. Class was dismissed at 7:50 and I caught the 8:20 shuttle downtown. Cat was on it again and we spoke during the ride. Dad picked me up from the Sheraton at short while later. I didn’t do much late this evening.

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At Work a Bit Late

I went to work with Dad for one this afternoon. I didn’t have too much actual work to do until patients started showing up at around two. There were only about ten patients today, but it was enough to keep Dad busy. I cleaned up behind him but beyond that, he was doing all the work. We left the Metairie office after five. We still had to go to the west bank office to see some late patients at 6:30. I made some copies while I was there but that was about it. We left the office around seven. We picked up some dinner at Popeye’s on the way home. Later in the evening, I watched this evening’s episodes of Boston Legal.

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Informational Speech

I expected to go to the west bank office this morning to see doc about doing some of his reports on the side, but that never panned out. Since I was home longer than I expected, I had time to watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica in high definition that I missed for some reason. “Final Cut” didn’t have a lot of effects, but the show still looks incredible in HD. Dad and I eventually left the house at one. We drove out to Metairie to see if the electrical work that was to be done on Friday was finished. It wasn’t started. We also stopped at CompUSA and Best Buy so Dad could take care of Mom’s anniversary present. After that stop, Dad took me uptown to school. I went to the library for a while and then walked to the Boot for something to eat. I was there for a little while and then went back to the library. As I was leaving at 5:15, I saw Andrey, who was outside with his new car, which I hadn’t seen before. I went to Newcomb early because I wanted to review my speech in quiet, but there were already several people in room 9, which was surprising. The entire class period was devoted to students giving their informational speeches. Only six people went last week so several people had to go this evening. I went third. My speech on the history of streetcars on Canal Street went pretty well. I got an 88% B. Some of the other speeches included on Blizzards that was far too long. Other topics included Evita, Tulane Stadium and Chlamydia. After class I took the 8:20 shuttle downtown. Mom and Dad were at the Pelican Bar at the Sheraton. They went to dinner for their wedding anniversary and met me there afterward. Later that evening after I got home, I watched 24. Ami called me halfway through and we talked for about an hour and a half. Among other things, we talked about her trip here next week. A childhood friend of hers came up in conversation. I think I found him on Facebook. I should hear back soon to see if I found the right guy. Later, I finished the episode of 24, which was great. I also watched the second half of the BSG episode I started watching this morning before bed.

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Scratched Screen

I managed to keep my eyes open the whole time at church today. It may have had something to do with the fact that we were sitting up front for a change. Later in the afternoon I went to Wal-Mart with Mom. There was a parade in front of the store and we had to wait a while for them to reopen as we were stuck in the parking lot and couldn’t leave from the way we came in. While we were there I bought a headlamp for the car, some blank CDs/DVDs and a small florescent lamp to mount behind my computer desk. A light source behind a computer monitor is supposed to help your eyes. Later after I got home when I was installing the lamp, the drill fell over into my monitor screen and put a rather noticeable scratch on the screen, which really sucks. That evening I watched The Boondocks before bed.

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Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy

This Saturday was pretty uneventful. I was home all day if I remember right. I spent some of the day preparing for a speech to be delivered in class on Monday regarding the history of streetcars on Canal Street. This afternoon, I watched Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy, which I downloaded with a trial to Vongo, a movie download service. I won’t be holding on to this as all their movies are in pan-and-scan format. The movie wasn’t all that great anyway. Later this evening, I watched Assault on Precinct 13, which was half-decent, although I wasn’t fond of the ending.

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Tulane vs. Penn State

I thought I’d be going to the west bank office this morning but that never panned out. We left the house at about 3:30 so I could go to class this afternoon. There was an exam this afternoon for psychology class. The test was a little harder than I anticipated. The professor instructed us to read the textbook in preparation for the exam, but I haven’t bought it. I’m still not sure if I should bother. I finished the test in about 20 minutes and left. Dad picked me up afterward, he had mom and Andrew with him. We went to Zypher Field to see Tulane’s baseball team play Penn State. Dad brought some food and we ate outside before making our way inside. 2, 714 were in attendance, but the crowd looked pretty space in Zypher Field. There were only a handful of students in attendance, which wasn’t surprising considering the venue is a good ways from main campus. The weather was a bot cold but it would have very pleasant had the air been drier. Tulane handled Penn State pretty well, although the visitor didn’t necessarily play badly. The scored was tied at 1 after the first but Tulane broke ahead with five runs in the second. Tulane scored three more in following innings and Penn State scored three more for a final score of nine to four. We left after the seventh inning. We didn’t miss any scoring. We watched Battlestar Galactica shortly after we got home. Later in the evening I played Unreal for a little while and watched the Stargate shows.

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Libel in Media Law

Dad was in no big hurry to get to the office this afternoon. We arrived at one. I set up the new computer when I got there and emptied the hydrocollator, which apparently broke. Dad got a new one. After that I didn’t have any work to do. We left the office at five. The three patients scheduled never showed up. Dad dropped me at The Boot at 5:15. I bought a coke and some junk food at the store there to hold me over until a late dinner. This evening’s ‘media and the law’ class was a little more coherent that the past couple sessions at least for a little while. Most of the class discussion was about libel. A movie was shown regarding the subject last week, but I skipped that class. I didn’t have any trouble following along though as libel was amply discussed in the introductory journalism class I took last year. Order sort of broke down about an hour after class started and the student-controlled discussion veered off topic to Katrina and the Iraq war as it did the last two weeks. As I had no reason to believe anything on-topic other than libel would be discussed, I decided to leave early just after seven. I caught the 7:20 shuttle downtown. I didn’t picked up immediately as the timing was awkward for Dad, who was already well on his way home. I waited with my laptop for a little while. I got a new battery for my SRX on ebay a few weeks ago. The one that came with it was barely holding on for an hour. I was especially lucky with that auction as it was boxed but the seller didn’t know it’s condition. Finding unused OEM batteries for aging notebooks at reasonable prices is pretty hard but I gambled and won one for just $30. At that price it was worth the risk of getting an exhausted battery. Dad called me not too long after I arrived at the Sheraton and asked me to take a cab home. I know he wasn’t feeling well earlier and understandably didn’t feel like driving. There was a cab parked across the street and I got a ride home. I didn’t do much of anything this evening aside from playing Unreal 2004.

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The last couple days have been rather uneventful. I don’t recall doing anything of circumstance this weekend. I skipped class on Monday, mostly because I didn’t have my speech ready. I was home all day Monday and I didn’t work at home. I was home on Tuesday too but I did finish the remaining dictation. On Tuesday evening, I watched Conspiracy. The phones and internet stopped working that afternoon and remained down through the evening. We still didn’t have working phones in the house when I work up this morning. Dad and I left the house at 1:00 this afternoon. He ran a few errands before dropping me off at Tulane. I went to the library for a while after I got there. I remained at the library until shortly after four. This afternoon’s psychology class was about memory, how’s it’s stored and recalled. There were a lot of basic concepts discussed, but in the end it is rather obvious that modern science has practically no idea how the brain works. This evening’s consumer behavior class was largely about social class. Most of the material was familiar as it has to do with sociology. I took a class on the subject at tech. Class was dismissed at 7:50 and I had plenty of time to wait for the 8:20 shuttle. When the bus arrived downtown, I walked down Canal Street with Cat from the University College office. Dad arrived to pick me up just after I arrived at the Sheraton. I spent some of the evening installing software on a computer Mom bought from her school that Dad will be using at the Metairie office.

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Short Class

I worked from home for a couple hours this afternoon. Dad took my uptown for class for 4:30. I was just a couple minutes late because of the traffic. This session of introductory psychology overviewed the physical and mental changes associated with aging. Class ended early after a short quiz. I had to wait a little while to get picked up being out a half hour early. While I was waiting I saw Darren, who I got acquainted with while I was at Tech. Later this evening I watched TV: the Stargate shows, BSG and some of the opening ceremony to the Olympic games in Torino.

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Long Day at Work… For Once

I went to the Metairie office with Dad for 11 this morning. I had some dictation and a few other things to work on today. I finally got the back room, which will be the doctor’s office, clean. I also cleaned the water cooler, which sat in the mid city office for months. I skipped my ‘media and the law’ class today because I wanted to be home this evening. I wasn’t so lucky. We had to go to the west bank office for some late patients after we left Metairie around five. While I was there I worked on some bills. We were there until quarter to eight. I didn’t do a whole lot after I got home. I finished Half Life 2 though.

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I went to work with Dad to arrive at about noon. Dad dropped me off at the west bank office because he wanted to me to generate bills for our current patients. I remained there until shortly after two and then Dad and I went uptown. After picking up Andrew at school, Dad dropped at Tulane. I walked around for a while before I finally took a seat in the library. I remained there until I had to leave for my 4:30 class. Today’s psychology session covered the rest of the developmental psychology material that wasn’t covered last Friday. The class still went the full hour and fifteen minutes though. This evening’s consumer behavior class was more or less about the history of marketing. I was hoping class would end early but I had no such luck. I caught the 8:20 shuttle uptown. Dad was waiting across the street from Tidewater. I don’t remember what I spent my time doing late that evening, but I’m sure it involved dinner and my computer.

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Tulane vs. Loyola

I went to work at the Metairie office with Dad today although I’m not sure when. I didn’t do all that much work, although the back room is largely in order now. Sometime around four or five, we went out to the west bank office to see some late patients. We stopped at Popeye’s on the way. They showed up around 6:30 and we made it out of the office around seven. Dad and I went right from the office to Fogelman Arena to see Tulane’s basketball team play Loyola. The game had been going on for a little while before we arrived. We didn’t miss too much though. The game was rather one-sided. Tulane dominated throughout. The only reason the two teams play is because they’re right next door to each other, Loyola is not even in the NCAA. The final score was 87-41. After the game Dad and I went to The Boot for something to eat. We remained there until shortly after nine. Later that evening I watched the Boston Legal episode from earlier this evening and played Half-Life 2 until about two this morning.

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First Speech

I don’t remember the goings-on of the afternoon, but I do remember class this evening. For the most part, all we did in class today was hear the remaining personal experience speeches. Half the class remained. I gave a speech overviewing the time I spent at Louisiana Tech. I thought it went alright, but I got a ‘C’ on it due to poor eye contact and grammer/transitions. I took the 8:20 shuttle downtown and Dad picked me up at the Sheraton. After I arrived home I got some of the red beans Dad made earlier today and watched 24.

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Same Old Same Old in Media Law

As this entry is late I don’t remember too much of what happened. I do know I worked today and I went to my media law class. It was another session of conversation without substance.

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