I worked on some of the doctor’s dictation this morning. For the time being, I’ll be doing the reports for his patients. Dad and I left the house shortly before two this afternoon. One the way, we were delayed briefly by a convoy of Mardi Gras floats crossing the river. Shortly after Dad dropped me off, I ran into Andrey as I was walking to the library. He was going to eat and I hadn’t had lunch myself so I joined him. After driving around a bit, we ended up at the Babylon Caf, a Mediterranean place on Maple Street. I had a gyro, what’s now my usual. After lunch Andrey drove back to the library and I remained there for over an hour and left at about 4:15 to go to my psychology class. This afternoon’s session was about senses and perception. Class ended a bit early at 5:20. After class, a survey was conducted. Extra credit was offered and I remained for about 20 minutes to fill out the questionnaire. The Survey related to Tulane and opinion about certain cost-cutting measures. This evening’s consumer behavior class was about the diffusion of innovation, which is closely related to the product life cycle. Class was dismissed at 7:50 and I caught the 8:20 shuttle downtown. Cat was on it again and we spoke during the ride. Dad picked me up from the Sheraton at short while later. I didn’t do much late this evening.

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