The last couple days have been rather uneventful. I don’t recall doing anything of circumstance this weekend. I skipped class on Monday, mostly because I didn’t have my speech ready. I was home all day Monday and I didn’t work at home. I was home on Tuesday too but I did finish the remaining dictation. On Tuesday evening, I watched Conspiracy. The phones and internet stopped working that afternoon and remained down through the evening. We still didn’t have working phones in the house when I work up this morning. Dad and I left the house at 1:00 this afternoon. He ran a few errands before dropping me off at Tulane. I went to the library for a while after I got there. I remained at the library until shortly after four. This afternoon’s psychology class was about memory, how’s it’s stored and recalled. There were a lot of basic concepts discussed, but in the end it is rather obvious that modern science has practically no idea how the brain works. This evening’s consumer behavior class was largely about social class. Most of the material was familiar as it has to do with sociology. I took a class on the subject at tech. Class was dismissed at 7:50 and I had plenty of time to wait for the 8:20 shuttle. When the bus arrived downtown, I walked down Canal Street with Cat from the University College office. Dad arrived to pick me up just after I arrived at the Sheraton. I spent some of the evening installing software on a computer Mom bought from her school that Dad will be using at the Metairie office.

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